Conversations North

Bringing people together in a spirit of discussion, Conversations North is a program of regular talks organized by UAlberta North. Faculty, community members, policy-makers and others concerned with northern and circumpolar-related matters present informal talks and information sessions, as well as share thoughts, ideas, and perspectives, on a range of issues relating to Northern research and Northern communities. We draw on our rich diversity of community of researchers from across campus and also use the opportunity to take advantage of the presence of visitors to the University of Alberta.

Upcoming Talks

October 17th – Syilx-led reintroduction of Okanagan sockeye salmon

Noreen Willows, Associate Professor, Agricultural, Food & Nutrition Sciences

The Columbia River Treaty and habitat impacts in the Okanagan basin made it impossible for salmon fish passage, while deeply impacting Syilx cultural and food systems. Years of hard work and political advocacy have seen the Okanagan Nation Alliance working with provincial, federal and US Tribes and agencies to rebuild the sockeye salmon run from 3000 up to 500,000 salmon returning annually. Dr Willows talk will describe the actions Okanagan Nation Alliance  is taking to bring back this important food species, and the research that is being done to evaluate the health and cultural outcome of this Syilx-led food sovereignty initiative.

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