Common Application


Please note: Effective Sept 1, 2023 NSTP& UANRA are managed by FGSR. Please send inquiries to



If you are only eligible for the UofA Northern Research Awards: Submit the UofA Common Application only

If you are eligible for the NSTP grants you must also apply for the UANRA: Submit the UofA Common Application & NSTP Online Application

Grants are meant to help offset the higher or additional cost of conducting research in northern and/or remote areas; the budget should reflect this.

Collaboration is encouraged for cost-efficiencies; members of research teams working on individual projects attached to a research program should coordinate multiple applications.

Applicants must obtain all necessary signatures and provide ethics statements, apply for research licenses and permits, and undertake all consultations with all relevant communities and organizations for the project.

Supervisors should assist students in completing their applications.

APPLICATIONS DEADLINE for Common Application and NSTP:
Oct 26th. Digital Copies ( send to: Please use the subject line "last name- Common application 2023-2024"

The online NSTP application will have a later deadline, but the University of Alberta committee needs to review both the online NSTP and Common Applications earlier. 

Adjudication Procedures
U of A Northern Research Awards Committee
The UofA Northern Research Awards Committee is appointed each year to evaluate applications to the NSTP and the UofA Northern Research Awards program. As per the NSTP guidelines, the Committee that adjudicates award recommendations is required to be formally recognized as such by the President of the university.

The committee comprises four academic staff members of the UofA, appointed to represent broad disciplinary areas (life/biological Sciences; earth sciences/engineering; social sciences/humanities/fine arts/medical sciences) for a three-year term (staggered), and serving as Chair in the third year appointment; one student representative, appointed for a one-year term; and one ex officio member from UAlberta North (non-voting).
Common Application Forms

The 2023-2024 application forms will be available in late September 2022.

  • Common Application form and Guidelines 2023-2024 funding year
  • Supervisor's Evaluation Form

 Google folder containing all forms and guidelines.

Application Check List
  1. A copy of the Common Application Form including:
Detailed research proposal
If applicable, additional sheet justifying the project:
  • if it falls outside the geographic area of focus in the case of the UofA Northern Research Awards;
  • if the project falls in the northern regions of circumpolar countries other than Canada in the case of NSTP
  2. Electronic copy of the completed Common Application form to Please use the subject line "last name- Common application 2023-2024".
  3. Supervisor's evaluation form. Please ensure your supervisor sends the completed form directly to the Northern Research Awards Committee by email to by October 26th 5 PM
Additional Information

Funding Period
Tenable for one year effective April 1 of the granting year. Applicants can apply for only one UofA Northern Award per year to a maximum of 2 awards/Masters and 3 awards/PhD program.

Fields of Research
The program supports basic or applied research in any discipline, provided it applies to Northern Alberta, the subarctic and arctic regions of Canada and/or the Circumpolar North.

Specific Funding Conditions
Grants support field expenses (including on-site archival research) for the researcher. Funds cannot be used for salaries for the grantee. Note: field assistants will be supported for FIELD SAFETY reasons; i.e. remote area research, and when funds allow. Requests for technical support functions (e.g., computer work, analyses), will not be considered.

Licences Permits and Other Requirements

Please make sure you are aware of the requirements in the Provinces, Territories and Communities you may be working in, most regions have requirements.

This list may be out of date but provides some information as a starting point.