UofA Northern Research Award (UANRA)

The University of Alberta Northern Research Awards (UANRA) aims to promote interest in northern studies and provide opportunities for senior undergraduate and graduate students to obtain experience and professional training in the North.

The purpose is to provide seed money to initiate field research in or about the circumpolar north.


Please note: effective Sept 1, 2023 the UANRA is managed by FGSR. Please direct inquires to grad.awards@ualberta.ca 

  • Maximum of $8,000.
  • If a student is applying to NSTP, the maximum becomes $4,000.
Eligibility & Map links
  • Eligibility for UofA Northern Research Awards: Open to all graduate and 4th year undergraduate students (domestic and international) enrolled full-time in a degree program at the University of Alberta. Applicants can apply for only one UofA Northern Research Award per year to a maximum of 2 grants per Masters and 3 grants per Ph.D. program.

  • Priority for support will be given to areas within the Canadian north and northern transition zone shown on the Circumpolar/Boreal map. Applications for research-based in the montane regions will be evaluated based on their applicability to the north and the availability of funding. 

Definition of 'North' for the purpose of the UANRA:

For the purposes of the grants program, the term `North` is understood to include that part of Canada which lies north of the southern limit of the discontinuous permafrost zone in Canada (arctic and subarctic). For the UANRA envelope, the 'North' also includes the Northern Alberta Development Council Area of Alberta. The 'Circumpolar North" refers to the eight countries of the Arctic Council (Canada, Finland, Greenland [Denmark], Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the United States [Alaska]). Please refer to the NSTP guidelines for changes in eligible areas for each of the Countries listed.

UANRA - an additional eligible area in Alberta (additional to NSTP)
Application Procedure

The University of Alberta  COMMON APPLICATION FORM must be used to apply for both the UANRA and if eligible NSTP funding.

Grants are meant to help offset the higher or additional cost of conducting research in northern and/or remote areas; the budget should reflect this.

Collaboration is encouraged for cost-efficiencies; members of research teams working on individual projects attached to a research program should coordinate multiple applications. Applicants must obtain all necessary signatures and provide ethics statements, apply for research licenses and permits, and undertake all consultations with all relevant communities and organizations for the project.

Supervisors should assist students in completing their applications.

Send an electronic copy of the Common Application Form and attachments to grad.awards@ualberta.ca by October 26th

Please use the subject line "last name- Common application 2023-2024"

Common Application

Documents are in a google shared folder-

  • Supervisor's Evaluation Form
  • Common Application form
  • Common Application guidelines

The Common Application form and supplementary materials