Student Positions

  • Deadline Extended to January 15th

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UAlberta North is seeking a committed and dependable graduate or senior undergraduate level student to help build a database of current undergraduate and graduate courses and programs relating to northern/Arctic/circumpolar regions offered at the University of Alberta. 

UAlberta North is seeking a motivated graduate student with a keen interest in northern issues to help assemble material on the University of Alberta’s engagement with Northwest Territories and Yukon.  Over several decades, the University of Alberta has built robust connections and partnerships with NWT and Yukon’s higher education institutions, government agencies, Indigenous governments and communities. These important relationships are reflected in diverse and fruitful research collaborations, student mobility and a variety of educational opportunities, including the establishment of the Northern Environmental and Conservation Sciences (ENCS) degree program.

UAlberta North is seeking a motivated graduate or senior undergraduate student to advance science communications support for UofA researchers working in the north. The student will help create a pilot program to work with one or two faculty members to disseminate research information to communities they work with through infographics, short videos or other tools. The work includes soliciting participation from targeted research groups, and working with the faculty members, their students, and the UAlberta North office to solicit input from the community on the project. If time allows, a second component of this position will be to help identify possible film screening topics and compile a list of available films, as well as documenting protocols to secure films, and managing virtual film screenings.

UAlberta North is looking for a dedicated graduate or senior undergraduate student to assess certificate programs offered at the University of Alberta, as well as northern focused programs offered at other post-secondary institutions across Canada. The student will report on the requirements of each of the programs, the number of students enrolled over the past decade, and the capacity required to maintain the certificate program. The student will also examine the different models used to grant certificate programs. This information will be used to inform potential development of a northern studies certificate program at the University of Alberta.

We are seeking a motivated graduate or senior undergraduate student to work with UAlberta North staff to create resources focused on equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) for students and faculty working in the north, as well as for the UAlberta North office. This will include researching relevant work in this area by other institutions and organizations working in the north, drafting statements for our website, social media and print media, and compiling a list of possible workshops, videos, tools and educational materials to help promote EDI in our work on campus and with northern partners. As part of the position, the student will also assist with updating information on northern research practices, ethics and license requirements.