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Caine, Vera
Professor, CIHR New Investigator
Health Equity 780-248-1974
Ceci, Christine
Associate Professor
Health Equity 780-492-8911
Clark, Alex
Professor & Associate Vice President (Research)
Covell, Christine
Assistant Professor
Health Systems 780-492-9696
Cummings, Greta
Dean, Professor
Health Systems 780-492-6236
Dahlke, Sherry
Associate Professor
Chronicity 780-492-8232
Duggleby, Wendy
Associate Dean of Research, Professor, Endowed Nursing Research Chair in Aging and Quality of Life, Director of Innovations in Seniors' Care Research Unit
Chronicity 780-492-6764/780-492-8660
Estabrooks, Carole
Professor, Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Knowledge Translation
Health Systems 780-492-3451
Hilario, Carla
Hoben, Matthias
Assistant Professor
Health Systems, Chronicity 780-492-7715
Hunter, Kathleen
Professor, Nurse Practitioner Glenrose Continence Clinic, Coordinator MN Entry to Practice as an NP
Chronicity 780-492-8941
Jackson, Margot
Assistant Professor
Health Equity 780-492-0752
Kleib, Manal
Assistant Professor
Health Systems, Nursing Education 780-248-1422
Kunyk, Diane
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor, Associate Adjunct Professor, John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre
Health Equity 780-492-9264
Lamb, Christina
Assistant Professor, Bioethicist, Principal Investigator: The Aletheia Conscience Project
Low, Gail
Associate Professor
Chronicity 780-492-2947
MacDonald, Shannon
Assistant Professor
Health Systems 780-248-1563
Meherali, Salima
Assistant Professor
Molzahn, Anita
Norris, Colleen
Medicine, Surgery Chronicity 780-492-0644
Olson, Joanne
Nursing Education 780-492-6252
Olson, Karin
Chronicity 780-492-6403
O'Rourke, Hannah
Assistant Professor
Health Systems, Chronicity 780-492-7961
O'Rourke, Tammy
Assistant Professor
Palfreyman, Simon
Assistant Professor
Papathanasoglou, Elisavet
Associate Professor
Park, Tanya
Associate Professor, Acting Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs, Adjunct Senior Lecturer, James Cook University, Australia
Chronicity 780-492-9109
Paul, Pauline
Nursing Education 780-492-7479
Petrovskaya, Olga
Assistant Professor
Pituskin, Edith
Associate Professor
Oncology Health Systems 780-492-6795;
Profetto-McGrath, Joanne
Nursing Education, Health Systems
Ray, Lynne
Associate Professor
Chronicity 780-492-7558
Raymond, Christy
Assistant Professor
Health Systems, Nursing Education 780-248-5769
Richter, Solina
Associate Dean of Global Health, Professor
Health Equity 780-492-7953
Salami, Bukola Oladunni
Associate Professor
Health Equity, Health Systems 780-248-1801
Salma, Jordana
Assistant Professor
Santos Salas, Anna
Associate Professor
Health Equity 780-492-3618
Schick-Makaroff, Kara
Assistant Professor
Scott, Shannon
Professor, Canada Research Chair for Knowledge Translation in Child Health, AHFMR Population Health Investigator
Health Systems 780-492-1037
Sellman, Derek
Associate Professor
Nursing Education 780-492-6481
Slaughter, Susan
Associate Professor
Health Systems, Chronicity 780-492-7321
Sommerfeldt, Susan
Assistant Professor
Health Equity 780-492-9509
Spiers, Jude
Associate Professor, BScN Honors Program Coordinator
Chronicity 780-492-9821
Stahlke, Sarah
(formerly Wall) Associate Professor, Adjunct Professor Dept of Sociology
Sociology Health Systems 780-492-3801
Toosi, Amy
Assistant Professor
Wilson, Donna
Chronicity 780-492-5574
Yonge, Olive
Vice Dean & Professor
Nursing Education 780-492-6236