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Caine, Vera
Associate Professor
Health Equity 780-248-1974
Ceci, Christine
Associate Professor
Health Equity 780-492-8911
Clark, Alex
Professor & Associate Vice President (Research)
Cummings, Greta
Dean, Professor
Health Systems 780-492-6236
Dahlke, Sherry
Associate Professor
Chronicity 780-492-8232
Duggleby, Wendy
Professor, Endowed Nursing Research Chair in Aging and Quality of Life, Director of Innovations in Seniors' Care Research Unit
Chronicity 780-492-6764/780-492-8660
Estabrooks, Carole
Professor, Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Knowledge Translation
Health Systems (780) 492-3451
Hilario, Carla
Assistant Professor
Health Equity, Health Systems 780 492 9033
Hoben, Matthias
Assistant Professor
Health Systems, Chronicity 780-492-7715
Hunter, Kathleen
Professor, Nurse Practitioner Glenrose Continence Clinic, Coordinator MN Entry to Practice as an NP, Adjunct Professor Department of Medicine Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
Chronicity 780-492-8941
Jackson, Margot
Assistant Professor
Health Equity 780-492-0752
Kleib, Manal
Assistant Professor
Health Systems, Nursing Education 780-248-1422
Kunyk, Diane
Associate Professor, Vice Dean
Health Equity 4924338
Lamb, Christina
Assistant Professor, Bioethicist, Principal Investigator: The Aletheia Conscience Project.
Low, Gail
Associate Professor
Chronicity 780-492-2947
MacDonald, Shannon
Assistant Professor
Health Systems 780-248-1563
Meherali, Salima
Assistant Professor
Molzahn, Anita
Norris, Colleen
Medicine, Surgery Chronicity 780-492-0644
Olson, Joanne
Nursing Education 780-492-6252
Olson, Karin
Chronicity 780-492-6403
O'Rourke, Hannah
Assistant Professor
Health Systems, Chronicity 780-492-7961
O'Rourke, Tammy
Assistant Professor, Scientific Director/Academic Placement Liaison (Collaborative Community Care (C3) for Seniors: Health Services @ Sage
Health Systems 780-492-2699
Palfreyman, Simon
Assistant Professor
Papathanasoglou, Elisavet
Park, Tanya
Associate Professor, Adjunct Senior Lecturer, James Cook University, Australia
Chronicity 780-492-9109
Paul, Pauline
Nursing Education 780-492-7479
Petrovskaya, Olga
Assistant Professor
Pituskin, Edith
Associate Professor
Oncology Health Systems 780-492-6795;
Raymond, Christy
Assistant Professor
Health Systems, Nursing Education 780-248-5769
Richter, Solina
Associate Dean of Global Health, Professor
Health Equity 780-492-7953
Salami, Bukola Oladunni
Associate Professor
Health Equity, Health Systems 780-248-1801
Salma, Jordana
Assistant Professor
Santos Salas, Anna
Associate Professor
Health Equity 780-492-3618
Schick-Makaroff, Kara
Assistant Professor
Scott, Shannon
Professor, Canada Research Chair for Knowledge Translation in Child Health, Distinguished Researcher, Stollery Science Lab, College of New Scholars, Artists & Scientists, Royal Society of Canada
Health Systems 780-492-1037
Sellman, Derek
Associate Professor
Nursing Education 780-492-6481
Slaughter, Susan
Associate Professor
Health Systems, Chronicity 780-492-7321
Sommerfeldt, Susan
Assistant Professor
Health Equity 780-492-9509
Spiers, Jude
Associate Professor, BScN Honors Program Coordinator
Chronicity 780-492-9821
Stahlke, Sarah
Associate Professor, Adjunct Professor Dept of Sociology
Sociology Health Systems 780-492-3801
Toosi, Amy
Assistant Professor
Wilson, Donna
Chronicity 780-492-5574
Yonge, Olive
Vice Dean & Professor
Nursing Education 780-492-6236