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Anna Santos Salas, RN, PhD

Associate Professor


About Me


  • Enfermera, Universidad de Concepción, Chile
  • MN, Universidad de Concepción, Chile
  • PhD (Nursing), University of Alberta
  • Postdoctorate in health equity Faculty of Nursing University of Alberta (2009-2011)


In my research program, I seek to advance a critical understanding of social disparities and symptom burden in palliative populations. Palliative care and global health are the two main research areas of my program. I also collaborate with nursing educational projects that follow critical pedagogical approaches. Study populations include terminally ill people (cancer) and communities affected by severe global disparities. In my research, I endeavour to engage collaboratively health care providers. My research approaches are informed by the human sciences philosophical tradition (interpretive inquiry) and participatory and critical perspectives.


Selected core values of my teaching philosophy

• Access to education is an undeniable human right.

• All human beings hold the potential to reach the highest level of human development. Access to education enables them to realize this potential.

• Teaching and learning are shaped by the conditions in which human beings are born and develop. Our social, political, historical, and familial contexts shape who we are and our learning experiences.

• In teaching and learning, we need to be able to dream, and to believe that our dreams may come true.

Teaching areas

Contemporary philosophical trends in nursing

Interpretive inquiry and related research methodologies