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Diane Kunyk, PhD, RN

Associate Professor, Vice Dean


About Me


  • PhD, University of Alberta
  • MN, University of Alberta 
  • BScN, University of Alberta

Dr. Kunyk has received numerous awards including the University of Alberta Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching, University of Alberta Presidents Doctoral Award of Distinction, CIHR Strategic Training in Health Research Fellowship in qualitative and transdisciplinary mixed-methods, and an SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship.


Dr. Kunyk is interested in the theoretical and applied aspects of ethics, particularly relational and organizational ethics, health policy and health systems as these relate to the health and well-being of populations (including health professionals). Her research goals are to advance the theoretical basis of health policy and to translate research findings in ways that provide practical solutions for improving health. 

In this work, Dr. Kunyk employs quantitative, qualitative and systematic review methodologies. Substantive areas have included include professional regulation, occupational health, addiction and tobacco control.

Dr. Kunyk's professional background is in community, population and public health nursing with a particular focus on policy and program planning. This experience has exposed her to the ethical considerations and consequences (intended and unintended) of health policy and organization action in terms of vulnerability, disparities, power imbalances and/or stigma. 


Dr. Kunyk has experiential and teaching experiences in population health and research, policy development and implementation, and community health nursing. Her goal in teaching is to create a comfortable, safe environment for exploring and learning with one another.