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Elizabeth Papathanassoglou, PhD, MSc, BSN, RN

Associate Professor


About Me

Dr Elizabeth Papathanassoglou has received her BSc in Nursing from the University of Athens, Greece, a Masters degree from the Erasmus European Inter-University Collaboration Program, her PhD from the University of Rochester, NY, USA, and post-doctoral training as a research fellow at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA. Her area of clinical practice and research is critical care nursing. Dr Papathanassoglou also served as Head of the Department of Nursing and of the Doctoral Program and as elected member of the University Senate, Cyprus University of Technology. She was Head of the Masters of Science and she chaired numerous committees at the Cyprus University of Technology. Her role was critical in the initiation of the Masters of Science Program in Advanced Practice, as well as of the Doctoral Program Curriculum at the Cyprus University of Technology. She has founded and is the director of the Nursing Biological Research Laboratory at the Cyprus University of Technology. Prior to that she has served in various administrative bodies at the University of Athens, Greece. 


Dr Papathanassoglou’s research interests combine basic science with the nursing management of acutely ill patients. She studies the role of stress, stress neuropeptides and apoptosis in the pathophysiology of critical illness and multiple organ dysfunction (MODS) and the impact on non-pharmacological and integrative approaches on critically ill patients’ outcomes, including inflammation, pain and delirium. Additionally, she explores issues of inter-professional collaboration, nursing autonomy and clinical decision making, as well as patients’ rights and ethical aspects of critical care. Another strong area of interest focuses on the phenomenological investigation of the lived experience of patients and nurses in intensive care and the phenomena of caring, empathy and advocacy. She employs a wide range of research methods, including laboratory, quantitative and qualitative research.

Dr Papathanassoglou also has a record of 105 publications in peer reviewed journals (62 full papers in international journals; 26 full papers in peer-reviewed journals in Greek; 17 research abstracts in international journals), and 14 papers in peer-reviewed conference proceedings. Her published work has received over 1,660 citations (h-index: 21). She is the author of three nursing textbooks in Greek, and co- editor at one international peer-reviewed journal, as well as member of the editorial board of 3 international and 1 national peer-review journals. She has delivered 59 invited lectures at international and national conferences, has presented another 200 papers at international and national conferences, and has received 12 awards for conference papers. She is elected Ambassador of the World Federation of Critical Care Nurses (WFCCN) 2015-2020. 


Dr Papathanassoglou has 16 years of teaching experience, at pre- and post-graduate level in the fields of intensive care nursing, research methodology, evidence-based practice, holistic nursing and advanced practice. She has been very active in teaching predominantly at the graduate level.