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Kathleen Hunter, PhD, RN, NP, GNC(C), NCA

Professor, Nurse Practitioner Glenrose Continence Clinic, Coordinator MN Entry to Practice as an NP, Adjunct Professor Department of Medicine Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

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About Me


  • PhD (Nursing) University of Alberta (2006)
  • MN, University of Alberta (1992)
  • BScN with Distinction, University of Alberta (1982)
  • Diploma in Nursing, Royal Alexandra Hospital (1978) 
Specialty Education and Certifications
  • Nurse Continence Advisor Program, McMaster University (2011)
  • GNC(C) Recertification, Canadian Nurses Association (2009)
  • GNC(C) Recertification, Canadian Nurses Association (2004)
  • Advanced Nursing Practice Certificate, University of Alberta (2001)
  • Gerontological Nurse Certification GNC(C) Canadian Nurses Association (1999)
  • Clinical Geriatrics Certificate, Northern Alberta Regional Geriatric Program (1995)
  • Extended Care Nursing Certificate, Grant MacEwan Community College (1985)

My career has been in gerontological nursing, and I have worked with older adults in continuing care, home care and acute care settings.I hold specialist certificates in gerontological nursing and continence nursing. Prior to joining the Faculty of Nursing, I worked as an Advanced Practice Nurse first as a CNS in continuing care and acute geriatric services, and then as an NP in acute geriatric services and a medical inpatient unit. As part of my faculty position I have a secondment agreement as an NP with Specialized Geriatric Services at the Glenrose Hospital in the Continence Clinic. Combining and academic career with clinical advanced nursing practice is challenging but allows me to ground my research within clinical practice. 


As an Advanced Practice Nurse, I had the opportunity to become involved with a number of program evaluation/outcomes projects examining falls, continence care and outcomes of acute care for older adult patients. My dissertation work focused on one of these areas, lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in older adults. My program of research which focuses continence care for older adults, the interplay between continence issues and other geriatric symptom syndrome such as falls and dementia,older adult transitions between community and hospital and advanced practice nursing. In 2014, I received the Canadian Association for Nursing Research Practitioner Researcher Award. I am a member of the Alberta Continence Research Network and have a number of projects with colleagues through this research group. I also have a joint program of research, Improving Hospital Care for Older Persons (InHOSP) with Dr. Sherry Dahlke. 

Current Research

  • Co-Principal Investigator. A randomised cross over trial of briefs with tapes versus pull ups for the containment of urinary incontinence in community dwelling older people living with mild to moderate dementia.(Comparison of Urinary incontinence Products in Dementia CUPID) Nominated Principal Investigator: A. Wagg. Co-PI: K. Hunter. Co-investigators: S. Rajabali, W. Gibson. Essity. Funds requested $286,000. Awarded for Dec 1, 2019 for 2 years
  • Co-Investigator. Optimizing hospital-to-home transitional care to promote functioning in older persons with dementia in rural communities. Principal Investigators: M. Fox, S. Sidani. Co-Investigators: D. Brooks, C. Burpee, E. Durocher, B. Elias, K. Hunter, N. Kelly, M. Macdonald, M. MacDonald, A. MacLeod, J. MacLeod, D. McNeil, C.A. Murray, M. Rydall, M. Skinner, S. Stevens, W. Sutton, A. Wagg, L. Weeks. CIHR Projects Competition fall 2018, Award Jan 23, 2019. $321,000 for 3 years
  • Co-Principal Investigator. Promoting evidence based continence care in rehabilitation: Pilot of a patient centered continence assessment on geriatric rehabilitation units. Nominated PI: K. F. Hunter Co-PI: A. Wagg. Co-investigators: S. Dahlke, W. Gibson, J. Triscott. Glenrose Hospital Foundation 2019 Clinical Research Grant Competition, Awarded Nov 9, 2018. $10,000.00 for 18 months
  • Co-Investigator. A trial of effectiveness of a smart sensor for continence care: The ARCTICC study. Principal Investigator: A. Wagg. Project funded by SCA Hygeine Products. Grant: $221,416.00. Awarded August 2015 for 18 months – extended due to delay in obtaining Health Canada approvals to December 2019. Clinical identifier: NCT02511314


I am currently focusing my teaching predominantly in the MN – NP (Adult) program and in course work/guest lectures related to aging and gerontological nursing. In Winter term 2020, I will have the opportunity to teach NURS/HECOL 604 Fundamentals of Ageing once again, a theory and policy course on ageing in Canada.