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Kimberly Fraser, RN, PhD

Associate Professor


About Me


  • PhD (Nursing) University of Alberta (2008)
  • MA (Health Education & Health Promotion), Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia (1989)
  • BN Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia (1986)
  • RN Aberdeen Hospital School of Nursing, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia (1982)

My clinical practice has been in the area of home care, community health, and outpost nursing. My areas of special interest include clinical decision-making, resource allocation, health policy, and knowledge utilization particularly as they relate to better outcomes for home care clients.

I founded a private vocational school licensed under Alberta Advanced Education and Technology. Through our college we offered an 18 week health care assistant program in addition to a number of specialty courses for health care aides in home care. I developed the initial curriculum for health care aides working with children with complex medical needs and high technology in the home. That program continues to be offered through the former Children's Home Care Team in Capital Health.

My citizenship and service work encompasses home care policy at both national and provincial levels. I am a past Board Member of the Canadian Association for Community Care, the Alberta Home Care and Support Association (including past-presidencies), and the Alberta Continuing Care Association. Through both formal and informal channels I am an advocate for quality home care for all Canadians delivered in environments that are respectful, supportive, and safe for clients, family caregiver, and paid providers alike.

I am a past Director/Owner of We Care Home Health Services in Edmonton (1992-2014). We Care provides home health care; professional nursing services in homes, in the work place, and in the community; and intravenous therapy in our community infusion clinic. My role from 2001-2014 has been Clinical Practice Consultant. I provide advice and direction around risk management, home care policy, and clinical programs.


My program of research is focused on decision-making, resource allocation, health policy and case management primarily as it relates to home care. I am interested in decision-making and resource allocation at all policy levels: macro (government spending), meso (program), and micro (case manager/clinician). I am particularly interested in the types of knowledge we use to inform our decisions about home care, home care service delivery, and resource allocation at each policy level and how various factors influence the way we use knowledge in these policy contexts. I use mixed methods to study these areas including, ethnographic methods, ethnoscience, survey, interpretive description, grounded theory, and arts-based approaches. I conduct studies using arts-based methods to understand and disseminate what it means to receive care in the home and to provide care in the home. The arts are powerful tools disseminate and translate knowledge in various substantive areas I study.

Other current research activities include:

  • Examining the factors case managers use in making resource allocation decisions for long-term and palliative care clients in home care
  • Examining the role of the family in resource allocation decisions in home care
  • Understanding factors and mechanisms that affect case manager work and workload
  • The impact of case management on client and family health outcomes
  • Collaboration with other researchers related to various aspects of home care including:
  • Quality and safety in home care
  • Management and interventions of multiple chronic conditions among clients, family caregivers, and health care providers
  • Knowledge translation and dissemination in health policy and public domains

Current Grants

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Team Grant: Transformative Community-based Primary Healthcare Initiative. Innovative community-based approaches to promote optimal aging for adults with multiple chronic conditions and their caregivers. Aging, Community, and Health Research Unit. ($2,500,000), 2013-2017. PIs: Ploeg, J. & Markle-Reid, M. Co-investigator & Alberta Lead for Sub-Study 1 and 6. With Bournes, D., Anderson, Farrell, M., Paetkau, S., Akhtar-Danesh, N., Baptiste, S., Bender, D., Duggleby, W., Emili, A., Feldman, S., Forbes, D., Fraser, K., Gafni, A. Ganaan, R., Ghosh, S., Gibson, M., Griffith, L., Gruneir, A., Hirst, S., Kaasalainen, S., Keefe, J., Matthew-Maich, N., McAiney, C., Patterson, C., Peacock, S., Rojas-Fernandez, C., Sadowski, C., Triscott, J., Upshur, R., Valaitis, R., Williams, A.
  • Study 6 Sub-grant (PI-Alberta) Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial of Older Persons Newly Diagnosed with Type II Diabetes ($250,000). Markle-Reid M. (PI) & Fraser, KD (co-PI).
  • Study 1 Sub-grant (PI-Alberta) Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Qualitative Study of the Perceptions of Older Adults, Family Caregivers and Healthcare Providers ($125,343.35) J. Ploeg (PI) & Fraser, K. (co-PI).
  • Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Ontario. Health System Research Fund Program Award. Centre for Research in Community Interventions to Promote Optimal Aging at Home. Aging, Community, and Health Research Unit. ($3,265,903), 2013-2017. PIs: Ploeg, J. & Markle-Reid, M. Co-investigator and Alberta Lead for Study 1 with D. Bender, D. Forbes, K. Fraser, A. Gafni, R. Ganaan, L. Griffith, A., Gruneir, S. Kaasalainen, N. Matthew-Maich, C. McAiney, C. Patterson, C. Rojas-Fernandez, C. Taberner, L. Thabane, J. Triscott, R. Upshur, R. Valaitis, A. Williams
  • Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) Knowledge Translation Branch. Home Care Case Management Work, Workload, and Caseload. ($100,000), 2013-2015. Fraser, K. (PI), Cummings, G., Marck, P., Liu, L., O’Rourke, H., Swanson, S.


Previously I have taught a variety of nursing courses in both registered nurse and practical nurse programs. In the Faculty of Nursing I teach in both the undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. Recent courses taught include N505 (Transforming Nursing Practice), N506 (Program Planning), N560 (Health Policy and Nursing Leadership, and N584 (Nursing Leadership Practicum).