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Manal Kleib, RN, MSN, MBA, PhD

Assistant Professor


About Me


  • PhD, Doctor of Philosophy, University of Alberta.
  • MBA, Health Care Management, University of Leicester, UK. 
  • MSN, Nursing Education, University of Jordan, Jordan.
  • BSN, Nursing Science, University of Jordan, Jordan. 
  • Diploma in Nursing, Princess Muna College of Nursing, Jordan.


Dr. Kleib is a highly regarded professional with diverse and advanced nursing knowledge and skills in local and international healthcare environments.

Her research program in nursing informatics education aims to design, evaluate and disseminate interventions to improve population’ health outcomes, nursing care and overall readiness for digital health transformation. Key focus areas explored within the scope of her program include examining the development, application and evaluation of informatics/digital health competency and digital health literacy in the context of existing technology, specifically electronic health records, and emerging technology, specifically virtual reality.

Areas relevant to Dr. Kleib’s program of research and interests include: E-health, digital health, healthcare Informatics, consumer health informatics, nursing informatics, informatics competency development and assessment, formal and continuing education in informatics, digital health literacy, healthcare technology, electronic records, simulation, virtual reality, innovation, adoption of innovation, change management, transforming practice, leadership, healthcare management, online learning, program planning and evaluation, curriculum development, interprofessional education, and mixed methods and quantitative research methodologies.

Current Grants:

Principal Investigator

- Kleib, M., & Deirdre, J. (2019). Integration of Electronic Health Record Simulation in Nursing Education. Project Grant from Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund, University of Alberta ($11,500). April 1, 2019 - March 31, 2021.

- Kleib, M., Nagle, L., & Furlong, K. (2019). Informatics Preparedness among Canadian Nursing Students. Education Research Award Grant from Western and Northwestern Region Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing ($5000). April 1, 2019 – May 31 st , 2020.

- Kleib, M., & Deirdre, J., Witschen, B. (2018). Interprofessional Simulation to Promote Teamwork and Communication among Nursing and Respiratory Therapy Students. Seed Funding from Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund, University of Alberta ($6000), and In-Kind matching fund from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology ($6000). May 1st , 2018 – April 30, 2020.


- Leidl, D., Kleib, M., Li, H., Press, M., Wilson, J., Banow, R., & Kawula, K. (2020). Exploring virtual reality into clinical nursing education. Collaborative Innovation Development Grant from Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation ($45,740). March 2020 – March 2021

- Oliver, M., Punithakumar, P., Boulanger, P., Cohen, J., Ensslin, A., Ferguson-Pell, M., Jaremko, J., Kleib, M., Kawchuk, G., McTavish, L., Ogbogu, U., Smallwood, S., & Thompson, R. (2020). Know Thyself through Virtual Reality. KIAS Cluster Fund from Kule Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS), University of Alberta ($80,000). March 2020-March 2023.


Dr. Kleib’s teaching practice aims to facilitate authentic learning experiences that foster learners’ growth and help them achieve goals they have set out for themselves. At the undergraduate level, she teaches NURS 300 “Health Policy, Health Care Organizations, Change Management.” At the graduate level, she teaches NURS 508 “Healthcare Technology & Innovation”, and NURS 505 “Transforming Practice.”

Dr. Kleib works collaboratively with graduate students to advance their research training in areas of interest related to nursing informatics and digital health education and practice. Please contact Dr. Kleib via email to discuss current opportunities.

Selected Awards/Distinctions:

- 150 nurses for Canada’s 150 Anniversary, Canadian Nurses Association, 2017:
- Centennial Nurse, CARNA, 2016:
- Emerging Leader in Health Informatics Award, Digital Health Canada (Formerly
COACH), 2014.