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Shannon MacDonald, PhD RN

Assistant Professor

Nursing | Public Health, School of

About Me

Academic and clinical training

Post-Doctoral Fellow (2013-2016) University of Calgary Department of Pediatrics & Alberta Ministry of Health
PhD (Nursing) (2013) University of Alberta,
Master of Nursing (2002) Memorial University of Newfoundland
Bachelor of Nursing (1997) Memorial University of Newfoundland
Bachelor of Science (Zoology) (1993) University of Alberta

My clinical background is in pediatric intensive care, having worked in pediatric ICUs in Newfoundland and North Carolina. I subsequently taught in schools of nursing in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. I also have a passion for global health and have participated in various international maternal-child health projects.


My program of research focuses on supporting immunization best practice, programs, and policy and promoting informed decision-making by parents. My methodological strengths are in quantitative research, epidemiology, administrative health data, and survey methods. I enjoy working with colleagues with expertise in qualitative methods, as these approaches inform my work. I love to collaborate with multi-disciplinary clinicians and policy-makers to answer questions of practical importance to immunization practice and policy.

Selected publications
MacDonald SE, Bell CA, Simmonds KA. (2016). Coverage and determinants of uptake for privately funded rotavirus vaccine in a Canadian birth cohort, 2008-2013. Pediatric Infectious Diseases Journal.

Dubé E, Gagnon D, Ouakki M, Bettinger J, Guay M, Halperin S, Wilson K, Graham J,  Witteman H, MacDonald SE,  et al. on behalf of the Canadian Immunization Research Network. (Accepted). Understanding vaccine hesitancy in Canada: Results of a consultation study by the Canadian Immunization Research Network. PLOS ONE.

Bell CA, Simmonds KA, MacDonald SE. (2015). Exploring the heterogeneity among partially vaccinated children in a population-based cohort. Vaccine. 33(36), 4572-4578.

MacDonald, SE, Schopflocher, DP, & Vaudry, W. (2014). Parental concern about vaccine safety in Canadian children partially immunized at age two: A multivariable model including system level factors. Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics, 10(9), 1-9.

Sahni, V, Lai, F, & MacDonald, SE. (2014). Neonatal vitamin K refusal and non-immunization. Pediatrics, 134(3), 497-503.

MacDonald, SE, Dover, DC, Simmonds, KA, & Svenson, LW. (2014). Risk of febrile seizures after first dose of measles–mumps–rubella–varicella vaccine: A population-based cohort study. CMAJ, 186(11), 824-829.

MacDonald, SE, Schopflocher, DP, & Golonka, R. (2014). The pot calling the kettle black: Accuracy of classifying immunization status by registry versus parent report. BMC Pediatrics, 14: 1.

MacDonald, SE, Sharpe, HM, Shikako-Thomas, K, Larsen, B, & MacKay, L. (2013). Entering uncharted waters: Navigating the transition from trainee to career for the non-physician clinician scientist. Academic Medicine, 88(1),61-66. DOI: 10.1097/ACM.0b013e3182765491

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