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Tammy O'Rourke, BS/MS, PhD, NP(FAA)

Assistant Professor, Scientific Director/Academic Placement Liaison (Collaborative Community Care (C3) for Seniors: Health Services @ Sage


About Me


Nursing Diploma: Sir Sandford Fleming College, Peterborough, Ontario (1991)

BS/MS: State University of New York (SUNY) @ Buffalo, Buffalo, New York (2000)

PhD: University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. O’Rourke has an extensive background in the development and evaluation of interprofessional primary care/primary health care teams in a multiple provicnes.  She is well known for her leadership and involvement in the development of one of the initial Nurse Practitioner Led Clinics in Ontario. As the Chief Nurse Practitioner at the Belleville Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic she lobbied for funds, leveraged community partnerships and led the implementation of an innovative model of team based primary health care delivery in the province.  More recently Dr. O'Rourke co-led the development of a successfully funded academic faculty practice clinic in partnership with Sage here at the University of Alberta.  This new clinic is specifically focused on providing primary care in co-location with established seniors social services to a growing population.  Dr. O’Rourke has received several invitations to speak nationally and internationally about the leadership role for Nurse Practitioners in team based health care delivery models.


Dr. O’Rourke’s research focuses understanding and influencing nursing's professional positioning and capacity in community based primary care/primary health care teams.  Her work is crucial to the transformation of a sustainable Canadian Health System. Through her research, she aims to have an impact on practice, education, research priorities and community. 

Practice: Influence the patient and provider experience through process and structural improvements. 

Education: Contribute to eminence in the development and utilization of nursing knowledge and innovative teaching strategies to support nursing students in achieving excellent outcomes. 

Research Priorities: Provide leadership in setting the agenda for nursing research in community based primary care/primary health care teams. 

Community: Increase citizens' and health professional's understanding of the nursing roles and the capacity the profession has to influence health outcomes as members of primary care/primary health care teams. 


Dr. O'Rourke believes that her as a teacher is to facilitate learning that supports students in achieving their vision for a nursing career.  Facilitation involves encouraging students to become their best professional self.  As a component of this facilitation, her role is to inspire students to new heights. Heights at which they feel confident and comfortable in leading teams and enacting change that will improve patient care.  She believes that it is her responsibility to not only educate students on the theoretical and scientific knowledge of nursing, but also to model professional conduct, a caring attitude and team based behaviors that will inform their future work life actions.