Dawn Schroeder

Clinical Background

Since 2000 I have worked as a public health nurse, post-partum care nurse, and health promotion facilitator in rural areas in Ontario and Alberta. One of the most memorable experiences I had in the role of a public health nurse was an opportunity to spear-head a smoking by-law campaign in Ontario. Our goal - which was to pass a by-law to prohibit smoking in public places - was achieved after an interesting year of relationship building in the community through public forums and other pursuits to engage and inform community members.

Teaching Area

Given that my clinical background is in public health, I am very interested in facilitating the learning of students in community health theory and practice.

Research Focus

I completed my PhD in Nursing at the University of Alberta. In my dissertation, I explored how women (with no personal history for breast or ovarian cancer) with at least a 20% lifetime risk for hereditary breast cancer experienced living with risk when a breast cancer 1 or 2 genetic mutation was not identified in the family. For future research, I am interested in exploring how knowing that there is a genetic predisposition for certain diseases in the family impacts the perception of health and illness on an individual/familial and societal level.

Selected Publications

Schroeder, D., Duggleby, W., & Cameron, B.L. Moving in and out of the what-ifs: The experiences of unaffected women living in families where a BRCA genetic mutation was not found. Cancer Nursing. (Invited to Resubmit).

Schroeder, D., & Conroy, S.A. (2015). Breast cancer genetics: More than a medical management tool. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 19(5), 603-607.

Duggleby, W., Schroeder, D., Nekolaichuk, C. (2013). Hope and connection: the caregivers' hope experiences in caring for persons with dementia residing in a long term care facility. BMC Geriatrics Journal, 13, 112.