Susan Neufeld

I have been teaching a wide range of courses with the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta since 2010. I believe that the more actively engaged students are, the more they think, apply, create, enjoy, and retain the critical knowledge and skills that are required for excellence in nursing practice. I look forward to facilitating student learning and engagement in their senior clinical practicums in the upcoming year.

My clinical background has always revolved around infants, children, teens, and families who are facing acute and chronic conditions. I am thankful to have worked with health care teams at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Home Care Children's Team, Camp Freedom (Spina Bifida Camp) and Stollery Children's Hospital. For my PhD in Nursing at the University of Alberta I was fortunate to be involved with the Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist Program and had the opportunity to meet and work with world class child health researchers.

I love permaculture and have been active in creating gardens with children to learn about nature, food security and healthy eating through the Windsor Park School Garden Club and the Little Green Thumbs Program. At Windsor Park, we recently won a Communities in Bloom Naturescape award. I also had the opportunity to live in Lima, Peru and while there helped with gardens for children at San Silvestre School and in the Pachacamac region.

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Selected publications