Iris Popowich

I worked as a program manager in neurosurgery for 14 years before moving to ICU and CCU for the next 12 years. I later moved to psychiatry and managed the unit at the Misericordia for approximately two years. In 2005, after 27 years in management, I began teaching at the University of Alberta in the mental health program.

As manager, I presented papers or posters in Canada and the United States in support of nurse/physician relationships, tethered cord and patient classification. I have always supported continuous learning and have made it part of my practice.

I continue to promote ethical practice in the field of nursing, and work on revision of chapters for text books in psychiatry, as well as work with the Health Ethics Network, to ensure that we are maintaining on the best evidence in our practice.

I serve on several Faculty of Nursing committees, such as collaborative faculty development and awards, and I assist with day-to-day organizing and planning of the courses in Mental Health. I work as a staff nurse in Eating Disorders and the Adult Mental Health units at the University of Alberta Hospital.

My Master's Thesis was on seasonal affective disorders, and the effect of light therapy.