Deirdre Jackman

My clinical experience has been in a wide variety of settings and countries including Ireland, England and Rural Canada. I have a background in medical, coronary care, orthopedics and emergency care from Ireland and England. Since 1988 I have practiced in Alberta as a rural nurse in multiple specialty areas in an acute health care centre.
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Teaching Areas

I have been teaching in nursing undergraduate programs, including those with a rural focus, since 2000. I have taught theoretical, health assessment, clinical acute/ community and nurse research courses. I have been involved in administration and coordination since 2005 at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta, After Degree programs at Camrose and Edmonton sites which adds another dimension to student learning and support.

Research Focus

Given my clinical and teaching background my research area of interest is related to nursing education. I completed my PhD dissertation on 'rural preceptorship' and have a keen interest in maintaining research projects that study preceptorship in relation to education and rurality. I am working alongside expert researchers at the FoN. I am a co-investigator on a simulation/ interdisciplinary education research project. I am also a co-investigator with a teaching innovative study that focuses on preceptorship.

Selected Publications