Joanne Profetto-McGrath

About Me


Post-Doctoral Studies, Centre for Knowledge Transfer (2002-2004)

PhD (Nursing), University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta (1999)

MEd (Educational Administration), University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta (1988)

BScN, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario (1979)

BA (Psychology), University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario (1979)

Select Awards

2017 CARNA Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence

2016 CASN Wendy McBride Accreditation Reviewer Award of Excellence

2013 CASN Nursing Education Pat Griffin 2013 Research Scholar Award

2011 CACCN Editorial Award for "Novice Nurses' First Death in Critical Care"

2009 Quebec's Minister of Education, Leisure and Sports (MELS) book recognition award for Loiselle, C., Profetto-McGrath, J., Polit, D., & Beck, C. (2007). Méthodes de recherché en sciences infirmières. Approaches quantitatives et qualitatives.

2008 Canadian Nurses Association Centennial Award

My clinical background was medical/surgical nursing where I worked as a staff nurse, team leader and nurse educator. Over the years I held several administrative roles in educational settings with responsibilities for courses and programs coordination, curriculum development, implementation and evaluation, clinical placements, student services and faculty mentorship and supervision. I had the honour of serving as Interim/Acting Dean and Vice Dean over a 10 period of time. I have taught a variety of nursing theory and clinical courses in undergraduate programs (generic, post-RN, after degree, and INT D) as well as courses in the MN and PhD programs.


My doctoral thesis examined baccalaureate nursing students' critical thinking skills and dispositions. Since the completion of my doctoral education and prior to the establishment of my program of research, I completed a study on the Questioning Skills of Tutors and Students (PI) and as a Research Associate in the Knowledge Utilization Studies Program (KUSP) contributed to a study on the Determinants of Research Utilization in the Acute Care Settings. One of my major focus and interest within this study was the relationship between critical thinking dispositions and research utilization and nurses' social interactions as a preferred source of evidence and conduit for research based knowledge in acute care settings. My research interests and activities focused on aspects of the knowledge and research utilization field, critical thinking and building provider capacity. A primary goal of my program of research was to facilitate the creation of new knowledge as well as shape providers' abilities and commitment to use research and share it with colleagues and other health professionals with the ultimate aim to provide the best care possible to patients/residents/clients in a variety of settings.

Active Projects: Co-Investigator

Safer Care for Older People in (residential) Environments (SCOPE). (CIHR, 2016-2019). Wagg AS (PI), Estabrooks CA (Co-PI), (Co-Is): Andersen E, Anderson M, Anderson R, Baunbusch J, Berta WB, Clement F, Cranley L, Cummings G, Dearing J, Doupe M, Ginsburg L, Holroyd-Leduc J, Keefe J, Knopp-Sihota J, Lanham H, McGregor M, Norton P, Profetto-McGrath J, Reid C, Senthilselvan S, Smith M, Squires J, Collaborators: Anderson C, Collins M, Dewar L, Dacombe Dewar L, Forbes H, Kozak-Campbell C, Lamont L, McKenzie I, Mansell L, McLeod D, Regier C, Risling E, Taylor D, Thompson G, Trinidad G, Schultz M. ($913,577).

TREC: Translating Research in Elder Care. (CIHR & Partner Funds, 2014-2020). Estabrooks CA (PI), (Co-Is): Baumbusch J, Berta W, Cranley L, Cummings GG, Dearing J, Doupe M, Ginsburg L, Hayduk L, Keefe J, McGregor M, Norton P, Profetto-McGrath J, Reid C, Senthilselvan A, Smith M, Squires J, Teare G, Thompson G, Wagg A, (KUs): Anderson C, Bloemink K, Cook H, Davidson H, Forbes H, Harriman C, Knight C, Lamont L, Mansell L, Regier C, Risling E, Schalm C, Taylor D, Trinidad G. ($9.4M)