Linda Ogilvie

Linda Ogilvie joined the Faculty of Nursing in 1983. Her clinical experience is primarily in the fields of pediatrics/child health nursing and community health nursing. She taught nursing in Papua New Guinea for several years during the 1970s and has a strong interest in international and intercultural nursing. Along with undergraduate teaching in our context-based learning curriculum, she has taught graduate courses in teaching in nursing practice, transforming nursing practice, international/ intercultural nursing and health, and migration and health in the Canadian context.

Dr. Ogilvie's dissertation focused on Nurses and Primary Health Care in Nepal. Her research interests include qualitative research methods, case study research, action research, survey research, and immigrant chld and family health. Her current research focus is the New Canadian Children and Youth Study, an interdisciplinary survey of the well-being of immigrant and refugee children and youth in six Canadian cities. She has been Co-Director of the Prairie Metropolis Centre since 2007 and from 1999 to 2006 was Canadian Director of a CIDA-funded project to develop and implement a MPhil(Nursing) program at the University of Ghana.

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Selected Publications