Teaching and Learning Office

TLO Roles

The Teaching and Learning Office (TLO) team members bring specialized skills to each of our roles to deliver a broad range of services:

Learning Support Specialists specialize in services that guide and support faculty and staff through course administration processes. They are a primary resource who ensure that the support of the undergraduate and graduate course lifecycle happens effectively and efficiently. Examples of how they support Faculty of Nursing (FON) success include coordinating the processes for course outlines, deferred exams, student accommodations, online exams, and letter grades. 

Learning Technology Specialists specialize in enabling our Faculty to use learning technologies to support face-to-face, blended and fully online classes. They connect our distance learners, guest speakers and lecturers using conferencing technologies such as eClass Live and investigate new and innovative technologies that support teaching and learning. Examples of how they support FON success include administering course evaluations, maintaining student resources, managing our learning technology equipment, and evaluating new learning technologies. 

Training Support Analysts specialize in delivering online and in-person training sessions for faculty and staff at the FON on a variety of educational and educational technology topics. They play a key role in ensuring that resources, guides, and tip sheets are up-to-date and available to faculty, staff, and students. Examples of how they support FON success include meeting with new faculty to help orient them to TLO services and connect them with what they need to know to get started in their role as educators. They also organize, plan and deliver numerous workshops on topics such as Google apps, productivity tools, and the ever-evolving features in eClass. 

Instructional Designers specialize in working with faculty and staff to develop effective and innovative teaching practices through individual or group consultations, workshops, and other design and development activities. They contribute to strategic initiatives that support the continuous improvement of services offered by the TLO in the Faculty of Nursing. Examples of how they support FON success include designing and developing applications, video, interactive learning resources, and online, blended and flipped courses.