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Learning Technologies (eClass)

What is it? 
eClass Live is a synchronous learning environment that allows you to meet others on-line, in real-time. With a connection to the Internet, headphones and microphone, participants can meet to discuss topics of interest, view a presentation, or collaborate on documents. It even allows for sharing applications!  

Using eClass Live enables participants from around the world, or even those from just down the hall, to meet at a pre-arranged time, without having to worry about travel time and costs, or emailing files back and forth to collaborate.

What do we use it for? 
In many of our on-line graduate and undergraduate courses, instructors have incorporated formal eClass Live sessions into their class schedules. eClass Live can also be used in all courses for more informal, ad hoc meetings to connect students with other students and with their instructors. Most of the time, students can access their eClass Live meetings via a link that is right in their eClass course site.  eClass Live sessions can be recorded and made available for future access.

To use eClass Live instructors and students need an Internet Chat ready headset or a computer that has a built-in microphone and speakers. Computers in on-campus labs can be used but you will have to bring your own Internet Chat ready headset as these are not available in the labs.


What is it? 
eClass is an asynchronous eLearning environment that is customizable and scalable to meet the needs of instructors and students in a wide variety of courses. The Faculty of Nursing uses eClass for virtually all Nursing courses offered. 

Think of eClass as a classroom.  In a classroom, there are many tools that can be used to teach and share knowledge and ideas. The same is true of eClass. You’ll find Assessment, Communication, Content, and Course Management tools available within each course site. Not all courses use all available tools, as it is up to the Instructor or Program Coordinator to decide which one(s) lend themselves to the material being covered in each course.

What do we use it for?
eClass is used to extend the classroom, by providing students and instructors alike with a secure and easy-to-navigate interface for the distribution of course materials and the facilitation of discussion and interaction between students and instructors. eClass is available any time, anywhere you have Internet access and a computer that supports eClass. For more information on computer requirements for eClass visit the UAlberta eLearning website.

eClass Links: 
Login to eClass here: https://eclass.srv.ualberta.ca/portal/

eClass Live