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eClass Technical Support

As with many technologies we use in our daily lives, sometimes issues arise that need to be fixed. Don't worry - that's what we're here for! 

The Faculty of Nursing houses eClass sites in both the "University of Alberta" and the "Continuing Professional Development" instances of eClass. All credit courses, student groups and general resource sites can be found under "University of Alberta" while research groups and professional development sites will be found under "Continuing Professional Development".  

One of the most common causes of problems in eClass are files that your web browser has left on your computer after previous sessions. Often the quickest fix is to delete these temporary internet files. Go here for step by step directions on how to delete temporary internet files. We recommend that you try this first if eClass is not functioning normally.

IST (Information Services and Technology) also provides support and troubleshooting information for accessing eClass that is general to the University of Alberta. Please check here for information on setting up your computer, accessing courses, and some frequently asked questions.

If you have tried the suggestions above and are still having problems, please contact the Teaching and Learning Technologies and we'll be happy to help.


eClass Course Development Guidelines 

Since the inception of the Flexible PhD Initiative in the Fall of 2000, there has been tremendous interest and growth in the FON for alternate delivery courses. Flexible course offerings have expanded to the Masters and Undergraduate levels and Teaching and Learning Technologies is now supporting the development and delivery over 100 course sites including distance delivered courses, on-campus support sites, and research and PhD groups. We anticipate this number will continue to grow each year as we consider the possibilities of adding additional resource sites and increasing our use of eClass Live and other on-line learning tools. Along with our expanding activity comes a corresponding increase in the volume of students requiring technical support. 

It is the goal of Teaching and Learning Technologies to maintain a level of support that exceeds the expectations of both faculty members and students. To do so, it is important for Instructors involved in eLearning endeavors, including eClass, eClass Live, and the creation of multi-media such as movies, to work closely with Teaching and Learning Technologies in the planning and development of these courses and course components. 

The following timelines have been developed in order to maintain a standard of excellence in both the quality of our courses and the service provided to our faculty and students involved in eLearning courses. Click here to view the development guideline grid.

Video Production
Teaching and Learning Technologies is able to produce high quality video content from lectures, guest speakers, and special projects. Producing video content is labour intensive, so please allow for additional time during the planning and post-production stages. 

Interested, but not sure how you can use video technologies in your classroom? Give us a call here at Teaching and Learning Technologies to arrange a meeting and discuss your ideas.