Academic Visitors


The Faculty of Nursing has hosted many international, academic visitors since 2012. These scholars are mainly at the graduate level, however, we host many undergraduate scholars as well who are interested in our research intensive programs at the University of Alberta.

Academic visitors are an important part of our research and academic community. Click here to learn more about inviting academic visitors.

"Please note: all undergraduate international placements to the Faculty of Nursing are on hold until further notice". 

Recent Academic Visitors' Research Topics

  • Topic(s) of research from Brazil:

    • "The Implementation and Development of Corporative Governance in Hospitals"

    • "Needs of frequent users who seek assistance in primary health care"

    • "Profile of referrals from primary health care to specialized services in mental health"

    • "The significance of the experience of early menopause due to breast cancer in young women"

    • "Impact of violence on stress and its manifestation biomarkers among depressed women"

  • Topic(s) of research from China:

    • "A narrative study of the care management behavior strategy in patients with chronic disease"

  • Topic(s) of research from Italy:

    • Wellness and distress in health care professionals dealing with end of life and bio-ethical issues in everyday working life to strengthen your theoretical and practical knowledge of qualitative research

  • Topic(s) of research from Israel:

    • Belief in people's potential to cope and draw strength from distressful welfare and health situations thus discovering new meaning in their lives

  • Topic(s) of research from Spain:

    • The use and implementation of phenomenological texts as pedagogical tools with nursing students to improve their skills/abilities in establishing good relationships with patients who are living with advanced or terminal illnesses

    • "Developing a tool to assess the wish to hasten death among older adults: A new research approach based on the experience of health professionals"