Our certification courses meet all provincial and national requirements and are delivered in partnership with the registered agencies.  These certifications are required in all practice settings to ensure safety.

It's Your Move (IYM)

The It’s Your Move – Safe Client Handling hands-on component is designed to increase safety in moving clients in the health care system. It will teach students safe client handling using correct body mechanics and various techniques and equipment.

Who Requires IYM: Nursing students entering into N221, SCINF221, and N345.

Recertification: Once initially certified, recertification is offered during acute clinical experiences, you do not need to register/pay again.

Certification Duration:

  • Online Theory - 2- 3 Hours
  • Hand-on Training - 4 Hours

Certification Prerequisites: The theory component is comprised of modules, videos, and quizzes, which need to be completed prior to attending the hands-on experience.  This will take approximately two to three hours and can be completed on eClass prior to attending the hands-on component:

  1. Go to:  https://eclass.srv.ualberta.ca/enrol/index.php?id=13366.
  2. Go to your "Health and Safety Requirements” Page.
  3. You may or may not need to click "Enrol me”.
  4. Under Introduction - Start with "Start Here”
  5. Work through Modules 1 - 5 and related quizzes.
  6. Take a screenshot of completion at the end.  Print off and bring to the hand-on It's Your Move Session.

Certification Location:

Nursing Simulation Centre
Edmonton Clinic Health Academy - ECHA 1-240
11405 - 87 Avenue NW
Edmonton,  AB  T6G 1C9
Phone:  780-492-3541

Basic Life Support (BLS) — Heart and Stroke Foundation

As of September 30, 2017, the Faculty of Nursing will only accept Heart and Stroke Foundation: Basic Life Support Provider CPR. No other courses will be accepted to meet the CPR requirement.

Students must provide evidence of CPR certification at the Basic Life Support Provider CPR. This course is designed for healthcare providers who have a duty to respond to medical emergencies. A BLS Provider certificate is valid for one year from the date of the course. No online course CPR course certifications will be accepted; students must attend an in-person course.

Evidence of annual re-certification must be submitted each year. Students who do not have current Basic Life Support Provider CPR certification cannot participate in clinical courses.

Students may find it easier to take a combined Basic Life Support Provider CPR course with First Aid as stand-alone first aid courses are difficult to find.

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