Graduate Programs and Admissions

PhD Modes of Delivery

The PhD in Nursing program can be taken on campus or via an Online Cohort. 



The minimum on-campus residence requirement of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGSR) is one Fall or Winter term, or two Spring of Summer terms.  However, Faculty of Nursing students are strongly encouraged to spend more than the minimum time on campus in order to maximize their student experience.


All PhD students must register in at least 18 units of course weight in each September-April period.  The course weights may be comprised of a combination of coursework and thesis research.  (Note: a standard seminar course of 3 hours/week over a 4-month term = 3 course weights).  Each student must register in and be assessed fees for a minimum of 36 course weights over the duration of her/his program.  The course weights may be comprised of a combination of coursework and thesis research.  The opportunity for interdisciplinary study and study abroad also exists and inquiries from students interested in pursuing such an arrangement are welcome.


Please see Tuition and Fees section of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research website. 


We will begin accepting applications for the Spring 2018 PhD Online program December 1, 2017

Our innovative online, cohort-based delivery model is designed to provide access to doctoral studies for students who are unable to relocate to Edmonton due to family and work obligations. Cohorts of up to 15 students work together to complete a series of eight courses, seven of which are offered online and one on-campus during the first Spring Institute. Cohort members attend two, three-week, mandatory Spring Institutes at the beginning of the first two years of their program. Once students have completed all courses, they focus on comprehensive and candidacy examinations, and then on their doctoral dissertation. The program is designed with those who want to continue to work full-time while pursuing their graduate education in mind. 

Our experienced faculty members use both synchronous and asynchronous teaching modalities to create interactive, dynamic and supportive communities of learning whose members become integral participants in our research intensive Faculty.

Registration and Course Schedule

Students who opt for the online cohort will complete their course requirements together over a period of two calendar years:

Students will be registered in two courses per term in addition to 3 credits of  dissertation research and, as such, will maintain full-time student status throughout their tenure in the program. In addition, there will be two mandatory on-campus Spring Institutes in the first and second years of the program.


Fees for the online cohort are $20,000 per year for each year in the program. Students have up to 6 years to complete their program with many  students completing their PhD in four to five years. Fees include all course costs. Travel, accommodation and non-instructional fees are not included and are extra costs that will be incurred by students.