Changes to MN NP (Clinical)

In anticipation of changes to NP practice, the Faculty of Nursing is introducing revisions to the MN NP (Clinical Focus) stream to position our students to be leaders in Canada. We are accepting applications for Fall 2020 to the Adult, Family/All Ages or Neonatal streams. The revised program, pending official program approvals, will include the following:

  • Blended, online and on-campus options to offer students more flexibility
  • Uninterrupted course sequencing resulting in a shorter completion time
  • Early integration of simulation experiences ensuring a smoother transition to advanced clinical care courses
  • New advanced clinical care courses with in-depth clinical experiences
  • Consolidated final practicum courses provide opportunities to deliver broader learning experiences

Incoming NP Student Town Hall — September 2020

Everything you need to know about the NP Program! Watch the video to learn more:

To learn more about the changes please watch the following videos:

Changes to MN NP (Clinical Focus) area

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