Post MN Nurse Practitioner

Graduates of the Master of Nursing program at the University of Alberta (or its equivalent) may apply for admission to Post-Master's studies to complete courses required to qualify for rostering with CARNA as a Nurse Practitioner (Neonate, Family All Ages, and Adult/Older Adult streams). 

Please contact the department before completing an application

Post-MN applicants who desire to become eligible for entry-to-practice as a Nurse Practitioner require 4,500 clinical hours of registered nursing practice, appropriate to the program category (i.e. Adult, Family/All Ages, or Neonate), prior to entering the program.

Applicants also require an undergraduate level Health History and Physical Assessment course with a mark of B within the past six years. Students will be tested on physical assessment skills at the beginning of NURS 516/518, and advice will be offered for additional preparation if needed.

If admitted, students are expected to take clinical courses in sequence and without interruption. 

Many Post-Master’s NP students choose to study on a part-time basis while maintaining other clinical employment. Please note that the NP courses require a total of 800 clinical hours (preceptored). It may be difficult to maintain employment hours due to the workload of seminar and clinical commitments for NP courses. During the Fall term of year two, courses require an additional 200 hours of clinical practice. During the Winter term of year two, courses require an additional 400 hours of clinical practice. Throughout the program, students must realistically appraise their ability to continue employment hours alongside the time commitment required for their studies.

Post MN applicants must submit the following:

For further detailed information on Graduate Programs, student and University responsibilities, registration requirements and Committees and Examinations guidelines, please see the FGSR Graduate Manual.
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