Admission Declined

Students that are not granted admission to the Faculty of Nursing either have not met one or more of the admission requirements for the program they have applied for, or did not meet the required admission average for that intake. If you would like to apply for a future cohort, below are some steps you can take to prepare yourself for the next round of admissions.

Please note that applications can not be transferred between terms - if you are denied admission for a specific term, you will need to submit another application and application fee to be considered for another term.

1) If you are missing prerequisite courses

All students must meet the prerequisite requirements for the program they are applying to as outlined in the Program Descriptions section of our website and in the University Calendar. For the BScN-Collaborative and BScN-Bilingual programs there are high school subject requirements. For the BScN-After Degree and RPN to BScN programs there are postsecondary prerequisite course requirements. If you were denied admission because you were missing one or more of these courses, you should ensure you complete them before applying again. There are a variety of institutions in Edmonton that offer high school upgrading and others, including UAlberta, that offer postsecondary courses.

2) If you did not have the required admission average

The Faculty of Nursing sets our admission averages for each of our programs for each intake. If you were denied admission because you did not meet the average for a specific term, you can work to "boost" your average by:

a) upgrading your high school courses (if you are a high school applicant), or

b) by completing additional university courses (if you are a postsecondary applicant).

High school upgrading is not available at UAlberta but there are a variety of institutions that offer upgrading options.

University courses can be completed at UAlberta through another Faculty or through Open Studies, or through another postsecondary institution that offers university-transferable courses. The University Calendar outlines how Admission Grade Point Average (AGPA) is calculated for post secondary applicants. You should select courses in which you feel personally you are most likely to obtain a high GPA, but may also wish to consider taking some courses that are transferable to Nursing.