Please refer to the Evaluation Procedures and Grading System section of the University Calendar for more details about the University of Alberta's evaluation procedures and grading system. Specifically, point (4) from this section explains how grades are assigned by instructors at the University.

In the Faculty of Nursing, grades are assigned based on a combination of absolute individual performance and performance relative to other students in the class. The relative performance component helps an instructor determine what letter grade will be assigned to the student's total term mark. Instructors consider the grade assignment guidelines provided by the University of Alberta Office of the Registrar and look for "natural breaks" in the list of total term marks received by students in a particular class. However, since we do not apply a standard bell curve, instructors are not required to assign certain letter grades or failing grades to a predetermined or specified portion of the class.


Student performance in lecture-based courses is evaluated using a combination of assignments and exams, which will vary depending on the specific course and instructor.

Tutorials (Seminars)

Student performance in tutorial courses is evaluated using a combination of exams, scholarly papers, and participation in group work (assignments, research, and discussions).


Student performance in the lab component of courses is evaluated using a combination of lab exams and the lab instructor's assessment of each student's participation, preparation, and skill proficiency (including nursing psychomotor skills, communication, and professionalism).

Clinical Placements

Student performance in clinical courses is evaluated using a combination of exams, assignments, and an evaluation of nursing practice or clinical performance from each student's clinical instructor.