Request for Transfer from a Collaborative Site

Criteria for Transfer from a Collaborative Site:

In order for a student to be eligible to transfer to the University of Alberta from a Collaborative Site, the following criteria must be met:

  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0,
  • No previous failures in clinical courses,
  • Compelling extenuating personal circumstances that would severely limit or prevent completion of degree at college site.

Process for Transfer from Collaborative Site:

  • All transfer requests from a partner site must be vetted through the Program Chair or Assistant Dean at the Collaborative Site.
  • The student requesting the transfer must complete the Request for Transfer from Collaborative Site Application and provide a current transcript prior to consideration of transfer.
  • The student requesting the transfer must contact the email address and attach a current transcript prior to consideration of transfer,
  • The student requesting the transfer must meet with the Assistant Dean, or delegate, at the University of Alberta before the decision is made.
  • Transfer approval and completion is dependent on availability within a program at the U of A.

NOTE: Completing an application to transfer does not in itself guarantee that the transfer will be approved. The U of A is not required to accept transfer students and will only do so based on extreme extenuating circumstances and availability at the site.

Program Planning

Often students coming from a more rural setting to an urban setting experience require additional learning support to help them adjust to the differences in clinical practice environments. Therefore, it is Faculty of Nursing policy that all transfer students coming from outside the U of A are required to complete a Clinical Competency Assessment (CCA) to provide us with a baseline assessment of your knowledge and skills integration prior to commencing a clinical course. Decisions based on the Clinical Competency Assessment may require you to complete further remedial work, including repeating previous coursework, if deemed necessary. You will be provided with a tentative program map that may change depending on the results of your CCA.

Health & Safety

You must meet the current health & safety requirements of the Faculty of Nursing. For detailed information about the Health & Safety Requirements.

Contact Sandra Gibson, Student Services Assistant at if you have any questions.