Undergraduate Programs and Their Admissions Requirements

Baccalautréat ès science​s​ infirmières​ (​bilingue​)​​/Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Bilingual)

Program Description

The BScN (Bilingual) program is a collaborative effort between the Faculty of Nursing and Faculté Saint-Jean, funded in part by Health Canada and in part by the Province of Alberta. This program offers students the opportunity to study nursing in Canada’s two official languages. It is designed to:

  1. Respond to a need expressed by students who wish to obtain a bilingual degree in nursing in Alberta.
  2. Offer a program that prepares graduates to provide nursing services in both official languages.
  3. Offer a program that better prepares graduates to respond to the needs of the French-speaking communities in Western and Northern Canada.

During their program, students take courses at Faculté Saint-Jean and at the Faculty of Nursing. The total number of nursing courses where the primary language of instruction is French varies from 27 to 47 credits. These courses may include clinical practice in bilingual or francophone settings. In addition, based on academic and clinical performance, and on availability of placements, students may elect to complete the senior practicum in a bilingual or francophone milieu outside of Edmonton.

Upon successful completion of the Bilingual Program, students will graduate with a Baccalautréat ès sciences infirmières (bilingue)/ Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Bilingual).

Description du programme

Note: Le genre féminin utilisé dans ce texte inclus les hommes et les femmes.

Le programme qui prépare au BScInf (bilingue) repose sur la collaboration de la Faculté Saint-Jean et de la Faculty of Nursing et est financé en partie par Santé Canada et en partie par la province de l'Alberta. Ce programme permet aux étudiantes d’étudier les sciences infirmières dans les deux langues officielles du Canada. Le programme vise les objectifs suivants:

  1. Répondre aux besoins des étudiantes qui souhaitent obtenir un diplôme bilingue en sciences infirmières en Alberta.
  2. Offrir un programme qui prépare les diplômées à la prestation des soins infirmiers dans les deux langues officielles.
  3. Offrir un programme pour bien préparer les diplômées à répondre aux besoins des communautés d’expression française de l’ouest et du nord canadien.

Au cours de leur formation, les étudiantes suivent les cours à la Faculté Saint-Jean et à la Faculty of Nursing. Le nombre total des crédits de cours de sciences infirmières enseignés en français varie de 27 à 47. Ces cours peuvent comprendre des stages de pratique clinique en milieux bilingues ou francophones. De plus, selon la performance académique et clinique, et la disponibilité des stages, les étudiantes pourront compléter leur stage pratique clinique de niveau senior dans un milieu bilingue ou francophone.

Après avoir complété et réussi le programme bilingue en sciences infirmières, l'étudiante recevra un diplôme de Baccalauréat ès sciences infirmières (bilingue)/ Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Bilingual).



A complete list of University of Alberta deadlines is available in the Undergraduate Application Procedures section of the University Calendar. The BScN-Bilingual Program has one intake per year (September).    

Application deadline:  March 1, 2017
Application form and application fee due.
Document deadline for high school applicants:  August 1
All program requirements completed and transcripts/documents due. 
Document deadline for postsecondary applicants:  June 15
All program requirements completed and transcripts/documents due.

Course Sequence

Below is the course sequence for those undertaking full-time studies.  Please also refer to the Course Sequence section of the University Calendar. Course sequencing is subject to change and can be configured differently depending on clinical placement availability. 

  • The number in brackets beside the course name indicates the units of course weight ("credits") for that particular course. 
  • Course names that end in "Practice" are clinical placements/experiences done in off-campus healthcare facilities.  
  • Complete course descriptions are available on Bear Tracks.  If you do not have a UofA Campus Computing ID, you can login to Bear Tracks as a Guest.
  • The curriculum is designed to be taken over 4 years as full-time studies. With approval from the Faculty of Nursing student advisor, students can extend the program for up to a maximum of 6 years from the time of admission.

The following course sequence is in effect as of the 2014-2015 academic year. Students who entered the program in earlier years should refer to the University Calendar from their year of admission.

Total units of course weight ("credits") for the program = 129

Year 11

Fall ANATE 140 (3) Anatomie
  SOCIE 100 (3) Introduction à la sociologie
  FRANC 226 or
ANGL 126 (3)2
Expression orale III or 
Exploring Writing Studies

MICRE 133 (3) Microbiologie Médicale pour Infirmières
Fall and Winter PHYSE 152 (6) Physiologie
Winter PSYCE 106 (3) Principes psychologiques pour les infirmières
  FRANC 227 (3)
Expression écrite III
  SC PO 320 (3) La politique du système de santé au Canada
  STATQ 151 (3) Introduction à la statistique appliquée I
Spring/Summer FRANC 232 or
ALS 1XX (3)2
Techniques de rédaction

Year 2

Fall NURS 305 (4) Introduction to Health Assessment
  PHILE 386 (3) La bioéthique
  SC INF 217 (8)3 Introduction aux sciences infirmières

SC INF 218 (6)3 Introduction à la pratique infirmière
Winter INT D 410 (3)4 Interprofessional Health Team Development

NURS 215 (3) Pharmacotherapeutics in Nursing
  NURS 307 (6) Acute Care Nursing Theory I
  NURS 308 (6) Acute Care Nursing Practice I

Year 3

Fall SC INF 301 /
NURS 301 (3)5
Recherche en sciences infirmières /
Nursing Research
  SC INF 309 /
NURS 309 (6)5
La santé mentale /
Mental Health Nursing Theory
  SC INF 310 /
NURS 310 (6)5
Pratique infirmière en santé mentale / 
Mental Health Nursing Practice
Winter NURS 407 (6) Acute Care Nursing Theory II
  NURS 408 (6) Acute Care Nursing Practice II
  NURS 409 (3) Leadership and Issues in Nursing

Year 46

Fall NURS 405 (6) Community Nursing Theory
  SC INF 406 /
NURS 406 (6)5
Pratique infirmière en santé communautaire /
Community Nursing Practice
  Elective (3)7 (selected by student)
Winter SC INF 494 /
NURS 494 (3)5
Synthèse des connaissances en sciences infirmières / 
Nursing in Context DI 
  SC INF 495 (9)8 Pratique infirmière VIII

1 Year 1 courses are taken in French at Campus Saint-Jean.

2 Assistance is provided by Faculté Saint-Jean to determine, according to previous coursework and admission test in language proficiency, which course is suitable.  

3 "SC INF" denotes nursing courses where French is the primary language of instruction. 

4 Due to course scheduling conflicts, INT D 410 will be replaced with NURS 498 "Inter-Professional Team Concepts" Parts 1-3, scheduled during Years 2, 3, and 4.  Bilingual Program Nursing students do not register in INT D 410. Instead, students must register in NURS 498 “Inter-Professional Team Concepts” as follows:

Year 2 Fall Term: NURS 498A Inter-Prof Team Concepts
Year 2 Winter Term: NURS 498B Inter-Prof Team Concepts
Year 3 Fall Term: NURS 498A Inter-Prof Team Concepts II
Year 3 Winter Term: NURS 498B Inter-Prof Team Concepts II
Year 4 Fall Term: NURS 498 Inter-Prof Team Concepts III

The Faculty of Nursing will offer this course in French whenever possible. 

6 Based on academic and clinical performance, and on availability of placements, students may elect to complete all Year 4 requirements at another Canadian university where French is the language of instruction.

7 The language of instruction of this elective must be French and it is normally taken at Faculté Saint-Jean. 

8 Based on academic and clinical performance, and on availability of placements, students may elect to complete the senior practicum in a bilingual or francophone milieu outside of Edmonton.