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BScN Collaborative Program Electives and Support Courses

The BScN Collaborative degree was revised in 2014. Students admitted to the program beginning Fall 2014 follow the course sequence in the University Calendar.

The structure of the BScN Collaborative program in the 2014/2015 Academic Calendar changed from the degree in previous calendars, and students admitted are required to complete 15 credits of elective coursework. An elective is any university level course in any subject. Students have the opportunity to explore studies of their interest and choosing; however, at least three credits of elective study must come from the social sciences or behavioral sciences.

Listed below are the abbreviations for acceptable courses from the social or behavioral sciences at the University of Alberta: ANTHE, ANTHR, ECON, ECONE, HGP, POL S, PSYCE, PSYCO, R SOC, SOCIE, SOC, WGS.

Please consult with the Student Advisor if you wish to take courses at Augustana Faculty.