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NURS 498 Safety Screen

The undergraduate nursing programs have a course listing called NURS 498 which the University Calendar has weighted between 1 to 12 credits. This special course permits the Faculty of Nursing to "customize" a course to fit any unique demand.

One of these listings scheduled in each semester is "NURS 498 – Special Studies in Nursing" with the topic: Nursing Skills Review. The Faculty refers to this course as a "safety screen". Occasions arise when an assessment of prior knowledge is required to ensure a safe return to clinical practice. The safety screen is a strategy used to assist both faculty and students to measure their readiness to successfully return to clinical practice.

Students can expect to complete a self-directed review of all the lab content they have successfully completed. Students are responsible for demonstrating that they are carrying forward knowledge learned and can apply it in a clinical setting while maintaining patient and self-safety. The screen comprises three components: a medication application safety screen exam, skills OSCEs and patient care in a Simulation setting. It typically takes a minimum of six weeks to adequately prepare for the screen. Students have access to practice labs, a variety of online resources and tutor feedback.

The "safety screen" however is not a course that is open to student registration. Registration is made as a directive by the Faculty, specifically the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs.