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Spring Summer Courses and Grades

There are two separate periods of academic standing when GPA is reviewed to consider First Class Standing, Satisfactory Standing, Marginal Standing, or Required to Withdraw results. Academic Standing is reviewed at the end of Fall/Winter semesters and again at the end of Spring/Summer semesters. If a student completes a minimum of 9 credits in an academic standing period then they will be held accountable for those results as per the rules in the Academic Standing and Graduation section in the University Calendar of the year of the student's admission to the Faculty of Nursing.

If a student were to take 6 credits or less and failed a course or received grades below "C", this could still adversely impact the student if she/he was already in some probationary standing or if it was in the last group of credits used to calculate the convocating GPA. Also there are some specific rules in the Academic Standing and Graduation section of the University Calendar in regards to marginal grades (those below C) received in nursing clinical and tutorial courses which could result in negative consequences for the student.

Other schools’ grades are not factored into a student's UAlberta GPA.