Undergraduate Student Resources and Services

Scholarships, Awards, and Financial Assistance

University of Alberta Scholarships and Awards

Office of Student Awards
There are a number of scholarships and awards available to all University of Alberta students through the Office of Student Awards. 

  • Entrance Awards - for students entering the U of A from high school
  • Transfer Awards - for students transferring to the U of A from another postsecondary institution
  • Continuing Awards - for students currently attending the U of A
  • International Awards - for international students studying at the U of A on a Student Visa Permit
  • Aboriginal Awards - for Aboriginal (First Nations, Métis, & Inuit) students (entrance and continuing)

Complete details and deadlines are available at www.ualberta.ca/awards. Questions about these awards should be directed to the Office of Student Awards at awards@ualberta.ca or (780) 492-3221. 

Students' Union
Each year the University of Alberta Students' Union also offers financial awards to students who have made outstanding contributions to the campus community. For more information visit www.su.ualberta.ca/awards.

Faculty of Nursing Scholarships and Awards

There are many Continuing Awards (for current students) and Convocating Awards (for students completing their program) available specifically for U of A Faculty of Nursing students. Some of these awards are based solely on academic standing; students will be automatically considered for these awards based on academic results from the past year. 

These Faculty nominated awards will be reviewed by the Faculty Awards Committee in May and June. Some awards are held over for decisions in September. Once the nominations are made, they are sent to the Student Awards office in the Office of the Registrar for final approval. The Student Awards office then notifies the successful applicants directly.

Successful award recipients will be notified by the Office of Student Awards

Questions about Faculty of Nursing scholarships and awards can be directed to Ian Payne, the Faculty of Nursing Student Advisor, at ian.payne@ualberta.ca.

Bursaries and Emergency Funding

University Bursaries and Emergency Funding
University Bursaries and Emergency Funding  administers a number of emergency aid programs to assist full-time University of Alberta undergraduate and graduate students complete their academic programs. Their services include general emergency bursaries and loans, as well as Faculty-specific supplementary bursaries. 

Access Fund
The Access Fund is another option available to undergraduate students at the University of Alberta. The Access Fund offers non-repayable financial assistance to students who are either ineligible for student loans, have reached the maximum in their student loan amounts or simply do not have access to sufficient funding.

Student Financial Aid Information Centre

The mandate of the University of Alberta's Student Financial Aid Information Centre (SFAIC) is to assist students in finding the financial resources necessary to fulfill their academic objectives. 

SFAIC offers drop-in service during regular office hours, information on student loan applications, one-on-one counselling, budgeting advise, and a variety of other services. Students can visit SFAIC in room 1-80 of the Students' Union Building (SUB) or go to www.su.ualberta.ca/sfaic for more information about the services available. 

Note: SFAIC is located on the main campus in Edmonton, but students in the BScN-After Degree Program in Camrose can still access this service online or over the phone.

Other Sources of Financial Assistance

In addition to the scholarships offered by the University of Alberta, students may be eligible for scholarships offered through other sources. Some useful websites to refer to are: Alberta Learning Information Service Scholarships and BursariesScholarshipsCanadaCanLearn and Studentawards.com

Students can also seek loans and grants offered through the provincial and federal governments. For more information, visit the Alberta Learning Service Students Finance website.