Scholarship Applications - Academic Merit

Below are links to applications for scholarship based on academic merit.

Financial Information

AE Bowie Scholarship in Nursing

Ambassador Award

Cheryl Lynn Osborne Memorial Scholarship in Nursing

Class of September 1959 Nursing Scholarship

Dahlia (Dee) C Robinson (RN, CPN(C)) Memorial Scholarship

Dr D Lynn Skillen Scholarship for International Nursing

Helen McArthur Scholarship in Nursing

Ian Kurtis Osborne Memorial Scholarship in Nursing

June McCormack Book Prize

Margaret Faulkner Memorial Scholarship

Margaret Olivia Cogswell Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Margaret Trevail Bridges Memorial Scholarships in Nursing

Marjorie Bradford Scholarship in Nursing

MG Purcell Scholarship

Ruth Halliday Johnson Scholarships

UAH Class of September 1952 Book Prize

University Hospital Foundation Judy (Patmore) Klaczek Nursing Award

WA and M Hiller Scholarship in Nursing

For awards based solely on academic achievement, students who meet the eligibility requirements will be considered automatically by Student Awards and/or the Faculty of Nursing. Award recipients will be contacted by either Student Awards or the Faculty of Nursing.

Anne Rieder Scholarship

Jean I Lee Memorial Scholarship

McClure Medal in Nursing

Molly Policha Scholarship in Public Health Nursing Practice

Right Honourable Don Mazankowski Scholarship in Nursing

University Hospital Foundation Elizabeth Palate Nursing Award

WC Fraser Memorial Scholarship in Nursing