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Student Appeals

The University Calendar provides detailed information about the University's regulations and procedures relating to academic appeals. In addition, each faculty has its own guidelines and procedures for formal appeals within the faculty.

If you are attempting to resolve a problem, it is always preferable to first try informal resolution by talking to the party directly involved in the dispute, such as your instructor. If it is not resolved at this level, the dispute can still be discussed informally with the course coordinator or program chairperson (collaborative sites) especially if this is an issue related to grades, teaching methods, professional conduct or other classroom concerns.

Collaborative Sites (GPRC, Red Deer and Keyano): As per the Collaborative agreement between sites, students in their fourth year are considered University of Alberta students and therefore must follow the University of Alberta Appeals Policies and Procedures.

Undergraduate Appeals:
Students have the right to appeal decisions related to: 

  • Final examination reappraisals
  • Academic standing decisions including: 
    • Probation requirement or conditions set for continuation in a program requirements 
    • Graduation/Degree Classification
    • Requirement to withdraw from a program in the Faculty of Nursing 
  • Code of Student Behaviour
  • Practicum Intervention

Students cannot appeal:

  • A faculty's decision for admission and re-admission;
  • Decisions related to granting credit for courses taken or to be taken outside of the University of Alberta;
  • Standards of student academic performance, including foundational minimum pass, for promotion and graduation
  • Specified consequences (e.g. required to withdraw) for failure to meet Probation or Continuation in program requirements. 

If you do not have grounds for appeal but you have concerns about your experience of any academic or non-academic service, you should initially raise these concerns with your course coordinator or program chairperson. If you are still dissatisfied, you can request the course coordinator or program chairperson escalate your issue to the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs.

Some Academic Standing decisions will automatically be considered by the Faculty of Nursing Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs or designate and therefore do not need an informal appeal application form. These include:

  • Clinical Failures and Withdrawals
  • Practicum Intervention
  • Code of Student Behaviour

We encourage students considering making an appeal to contact the Office of the Student Ombuds for assistance and support with the appeal procedure.

Some important things in particular you should note:

  • You cannot appeal the standard of student academic performance required for promotion or graduation as described in the Academic Regulations in the University of Alberta calendar. Therefore: 
    • If you fail or withdraw from a course that is a prerequisite for another course, you cannot progress until all the required prerequisites for that course have been met. 
    • You cannot progress in an undergraduate program until you have successfully met the foundational courses minimum pass (C+/71%) requirements. (As of Fall 2017: See Faculty of Nursing Calendar). A grade appeal can be submitted if appropriate; however, if you have not met the academic standard (C+) in any foundational course, you cannot appeal to progress in the program on that basis. 

  • The Associate Dean (or designate), Undergraduate Programs may impose probation requirements or certain conditions, including completing remedial work and/or repeating previous coursework, that students must meet to continue in the program. Students have the right to formally appeal the probation requirements or conditions within 15 (fifteen) days of when the decision letter is received. Conditions set by Faculty of Nursing Academic Appeal Committee are final and binding and no further appeals can be made. If the student does not appeal the conditions and the specified consequences within the specified time frame, any further appeal rights are waived. If probation requirements or conditions are not met, then students do not have the right to appeal the specified consequences which is normally the requirement to withdraw from the Faculty of Nursing.

  • Your disagreement with a mark you have been awarded does not, in itself, constitute a procedural error.

If you have failed a course or failed to meet required to progress to the next level, submitting an academic appeal does not, in itself, permit you to continue as a student. You may be allowed a temporary registration but you are not permitted to progress unless the outcome of the appeal process results in a change in your status.


Academic Appeal

Practicum Intervention Appeal

Code of Student Behaviour Appeal



Informal Appeal Documents

Automatically considered by the Faculty of Nursing - Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs or designate and therefore do not need to submit an informal appeal application form.


Automatically considered by the Faculty of Nursing - Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs or designate and therefore do not need to submit an informal appeal application form.


Formal Appeal Documents


*Please Note: Decisions regarding Code of Student Behavior (Academic Misconduct) are appealed directly to UAB but if the Associate Dean recommends a severe sanction for a Code of Student Behavior Decision then the Discipline Officer, University Governance reviews the recommendation before it can go to UAB for formal appeal