Undergraduate Student Resources and Services

Voluntary Withdrawal from the Faculty of Nursing

If you are thinking of withdrawing from your nursing program, you are advised to make an appointment with the Faculty of Nursing Student Advisor to discuss implications of withdrawing from your program and any possible options that may be available to you. It is your responsibility to take note of any advice given to you during discussions about withdrawing.

If your reason for withdrawal is financial difficulty, you could be eligible to apply for financial support to enable you to continue your studies. The Student Advisor can provide you with financial support options.

You should consider the following items when withdrawing from your program:

  • The date of withdrawal must be your last day of attendance as agreed with the Student Advisor. Tuition and fees are assessed on Registration Dates and Deadlines (Add, Drop, 50% refund and no refund dates).
  • If you have already received a decision letter where you were required to withdraw, you are unable to voluntarily withdraw from the Faculty of Nursing.

Request to remain enrolled in Faculty of Nursing for additional term

As per the University of Alberta Calendar Faculty of Nursing Academic Standing and Graduation: Maintaining Registration 11b: “Students must follow the required course sequence unless pre approval is given for an alternate sequence. Student may not continue in their Nursing program if an alternative course sequence is not approved. Students must see the Faculty of Nursing Student Advisor to discuss an alternative program sequence and approval”.

Students may be allowed to remain in the Faculty of Nursing for one additional term in the current academic year in order to complete non nursing courses for transfer to another faculty or institution. This must be discussed with the Student Advisor and if the request is approved, the student will receive a decision letter outlining the details.

If you choose to withdraw:

Having made the decision to withdraw from your program and having fully understood the possible implications, you should then complete the Voluntary Withdrawal form and email it to nursing.ugoffice@ualberta.ca from your University of Alberta email.

Once you submit the withdrawal form, your registration will be blocked and you will not be able to register for any courses unless you have been approved to remain enrolled in the Faculty of Nursing for an additional term to take non-nursing courses. If you encounter any difficulty with registering for courses with another Faculty at a later date, please contact the Faculty of Nursing by email: nursing.ugoffice@ualberta.ca

The Faculty of Nursing will contact you using your University of Alberta email address. It is your responsibility to check your account regularly for correspondence relating to your withdrawal request.

Other options for enrollment at University of Alberta

Open Studies:

You may be eligible to enroll in Open Studies at the University of Alberta to study part-time. Normally application deadlines to apply for Open Studies are usually 2 weeks before the start of term.

Transfer to another Faculty:

Students who wish to change degree programs must apply to transfer into the new program of choice, meet all the transfer requirements for the program and apply by the readmission deadline. Please refer to the Faculty website for information on requirements.

Please see alternative program guide regarding transferability of course to other programs. For more information please contact:nursing.studentadvisor@ualberta.ca to discuss transferability of courses to other programs and the wide range of student resources available to help you


Students who have withdrawn from their Faculty of Nursing program may be considered for readmission and would be required to re-apply to their program of study. For more information please see Application for Readmission.

If you have received a decision letter with specific information about readmission, please refer to the information in the letter before submitting an application.

Please note: Meeting the readmission requirements does not guarantee you will be readmitted to the program.