Areas of Excellence

Health Equity

The Health Equity Area of Excellence (AoE) provides leadership in the creation of a community of scholars within the Faculty of Nursing that foster discourse and inquiry to examine issues related to social determinants of health as conditions for social advantage/ disadvantage and systematic disparities in health. Our work is grounded in an ethical concern for equity and social justice. We seek ways to promote just treatment of individuals, families, groups, and communities within their own social context, and a fair distribution of society’s benefits, responsibilities, and their consequences. Our work is informed by the writings of scholars who include: Whitehead, Braveman, Smith et al., Oliver, Navarro and Ski, Starfield and Wilkinson.

We experience scholarly citizenship at its best when the synergy of group discussion energizes our passion for promoting equity in health. Our goals span the domains of research, teaching and citizenship.

Key Concepts