Areas of Excellence

Nursing Education

The Nursing Philosophy, Pedagogy, and History group (NPPH) is an integral component of the Areas of Excellence (AoE) initiative. This group is dedicated to fostering philosophical, pedagogical and historical scholarship within the Faculty of Nursing and the nursing community. The NPPH provides leadership for the pursuit of knowledge through scholarly inquiry and discussion that encourages faculty and colleagues to participate in the development and enhancement of knowledge for the benefit of faculty, colleagues, students, the discipline and profession of nursing and the community.

Through this group, faculty, students and colleagues in the nursing community will convene to engage in discussion designed to:  a) examine the role of philosophy in informing our assumptions about nursing education, research, clinical and community practice; b) explore prevailing pedagogical discourses to enrich our thinking and approaches to nursing education and the teaching learning process; and c) raise awareness of nursing’s historical meaning and place within professional, disciplinary and pedagogical contexts.

Group objectives

  • Create an ethos that fosters philosophical, pedagogical and historical discourse and inquiry.
  • Raise the visibility of philosophical, pedagogical and historical inquiry at the Faculty of Nursing.
  • Make explicit the traditions that guide our thinking and foster the philosophy, pedagogy and history of nursing as areas of interest.
  • Plan and conduct research projects to facilitate and enhance philosophical, pedagogical and historical nursing scholarship and the dissemination of new knowledge.
  • Create opportunities for mentoring faculty and colleagues in the nursing community who would like to increase their knowledge and understanding of nursing philosophy, pedagogy and history.
  • Contribute to undergraduate and graduate curriculum design, development and implementation.
  • Provide support for faculty and students who wish to pursue philosophical, pedagogical and historical study as part of their teaching, research and/or course work.