Margaret Scott Wright Research Day


Dr. Margaret Scott Wright's achievements qualify her to be a citizen of the world.

Dr. Wright completed a graduate degree in art history at the University of Edinburgh. Following this, she enrolled at St George's Hospital of Nursing in London, England where she achieved her certification in midwifery. She graduated with her Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Edinburgh Faculty of Medicine, Department of Public Health and Social Medicine and she obtained a Post Graduate World Health Organization Diploma in Medical Services Administration from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Edinburgh.

Early in her career Dr. Wright was recognized for her leadership, organizational and research abilities. Her appointments included Director and Professor of Nursing Studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta.

Dr. Wright's expertise in nursing has been recognized around the world. She held temporary appointments with the World Health Organization in Finland, Geneva, Copenhagen, Poland, Berne, Washington, DC and The Hague. In addition, she held numerous offices, served on various committees, written and published papers and conducted research across several continents. Her own excellent work in research, combined with her persistent and unswerving ability to instil respect for the profession of nursing serves to confirm her commitment to practice, scholarship and research of nursing as a profession.

Dr. Wright passed away in March 2008. The Margaret Scott Wright Research Day honours a nurse, a scholar, a researcher and a model leader in twenty-first century nursing.

Who is Margaret Scott Wright?