Undergraduate Student Summer Series: Launchpad to Research

The University of Alberta Faculty of Nursing seeks to create and sustain a culture of undergraduate research through the Undergraduate Student Summer Series: Launchpad to Research, an hour seminar series held weekly over five weeks. The Faculty of Nursing opens this event to all undergraduate students across health-related disciplines who are either already engaged in or wishing to learn more about engaging in research at the undergraduate level. The event raises students' awareness of and interest in research through a rich breadth of speakers, including CRCs and tenure-track researchers who engage in a broad range of research and methods. Students are supported in developing the tools for research by ensuring ongoing opportunities for open discussion and increased awareness of essential research components and opportunities. Student engagement in research is fostered through networking, learning necessary research skills, and participation in the Faculty of Nursing Research Rounds, where they will present on their experience in the Fall.

Topics for discussion in the 2022 Undergraduate Student Summer Series may include, but are not limited to:

  • Choosing a research topic
  • Finding a supervisor
  • Researching at the undergraduate level
  • Preparing for graduate studies/research at a graduate level
  • Research ethics
  • Key research skills for a successful career