Nurse Practitioner Research


Improving healthcare delivery and outcomes, one project at a time. 

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are Masters-trained nurses with advanced clinical competencies. These competencies include advanced assessment, medical diagnosis, prescription of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, and medical care management. NPs work across health care areas and specialties, within homes, primary care clinics, ambulatory specialty clinics, acute/urgent/emergent care, and intensive care units. NPs integrate medical and nursing knowledge and use this holistic lens when engaging in research.

Nurses may be completing theses or capstones during their time as NP graduate students, but are also likely to engage in quality improvement and research as clinicians, once they are in the workforce. 

This page is intended to support NP student research, highlight current NP clinician research, and facilitate greater integration between the University of Alberta Faculty of Nursing clinical partners and our NP students. Hopefully, by identifying real clinical questions, NPs and NP students will be able to find real-world solutions.