Health Equity

The Health Equity Research Group’s purpose is to build and support research capacity and scholarship related to global health, population health, health and social policies, and social justice, with specific consideration of the ways these broad topics intersect with issues of equity, diversity and inclusion. Leadership will be provided through the creation and ongoing support of a community of scholars able to critically and deliberately engage in discourse and inquiry that examines the social determinants of health as conditions for social advantage/disadvantage, as well as systematic disparities in health across multiple contexts. Given the increasing racialized wealth gap and the complex social and health issues we face globally, there is urgency and opportunity for nurses to engage in scholarship that advances health equity and social justice. In particular, we see the importance of developing scholarship with Indigenous peoples to address the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation commission in ways that recognize our responsibilities. 

Our goal is to create a supportive intellectual environment that builds capacity for innovative action-oriented research that holds the potential to eliminate health disparities, and establishes equity in health. Our particular objectives include: 

  • Provide an intellectual environment that enables synergistic and catalytic change in the area of health equity that is research-driven. The focus is on continuously challenging thinking; disrupting silos; engaging in structured critical discussions; engaging students and faculty; building bridges (infiltration) between individuals, between research teams and between faculty and community; and fostering interdisciplinary work.
  • Develop global and local knowledge mobilization pathways that help achieve health equity and social transformation. 
  • Form a meaningful collective of researchers, community members (including front-line practitioners and service leaders), and trainees committed to health equity research, policy and practice. 

To join the Health Equity Research Group or for any questions, please contact Dr. Anna Santos Salas at