1. Manal Kleib (Chair): Her research aims to improve patient safety and quality of care through enhancing practicing and future nurses’ informatics competencies and readiness for digital health. Research interests include development, integration and evaluation of informatics competency, patients’ digital literacy, simulated and actual use of electronic records, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. Methods include survey design, experimental and mixed methods. Dr. Kleib is the founder of the Nursing Informatics Association of Alberta (NIAA) and she is engaged in informatics capacity building projects locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally.
  2. Olga Petrovskaya: Research interests focus on the effects of eHealth technologies on care practices: how the implementation of electronic patient portals affects health provider workflow, patient experience and outcomes, as well as service delivery and systems efficiencies. Dr. Petrovskaya’s research is funded by WCHRI and SSHRC. Methods include ethnography, systematic reviews, and surveys. She is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the School of Health Information Science at the University of Victoria, BC.
  3. Tracey Stephen: Research interests relate to simulated learning experiences and exploring the effectiveness of different methods and implementation of simulation.  Areas of research include Automated Essay Scoring (AES), simulation, and technology in learning. She serves as the Director of Simulation Center in the Faculty of Nursing.
  4. Laurie Candy: Research interests focus on the effective integration of ICT in curriculum for healthcare providers as well as the impact of evolving ICT on education and practice. She serves as the Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies in the Faculty of Nursing.
  5. Tracy Shaben: Interests include quality improvement and evaluation initiatives with implementation of electronic clinical information systems including e-Safety concepts and user/patient experiences using mobile, portal and other consumer device integration. She is a Clinical Informatics Manager at Alberta Health Services.
  6. Deirdre Jackman: Her educational research interests include clinical preceptorship for nursing and other healthcare professionals, simulation and inter-professional simulation, and implementation of health technologies in practice settings. She serves as the Executive Director of clinical placements within the Faculty of Nursing.