Doctor talking to mother

The following individuals are members of the Migration and Health group:

Dr. Christine Covell - Her area of research lies at the intersection of human capital, gender, and employment of internationally educated health professionals and international students.
Dr. Carla Hilario - Her areas of research include youth mental health and well-being; community-engaged research; implementation science; intersectionality; critical masculinities; gender relations; migration; transnationalism; and racism.
Dr. Manal Kleib- Her research focuses on readiness for digital health. She is particularly interested in exploring digital health literacy as a means for improving immigrants' health, wellness, and utilization of ehealth.
Dr. Gail Low- Her research focuses on aging, testing of research instruments, and use of large datasets and quantitative research approaches. She currently has interest in using Statistics Canada datasets to examine the social and economic outcomes of immigrants.

Dr. Salima Meherali- Her research focuses on migration and global child health, immigrant adolescent health, and communication strategies to improve health literacy and child health decision-making of immigrant parents.
Dr. Solina Richter - Her research addresses migration and homelessness in global settings. She also has research interest in supporting international collaborations.
Dr. Bukola Salami - She has examined several areas of immigrant health in Canada, including the health and well-being of temporary foreign workers, African immigrant health and well-being, immigrant child and youth health, mental health of immigrant populations, and international nurse migration. She has used qualitative approaches and quantitative analysis of large datasets.
Dr. Jordana Salma- Her research focuses on aging, chronic disease management, transnationalism, migration, and community-based participatory methodologies.
Dr. Amy Toosi- Her research addresses the health and well-being of migrant women and children. She is currently on a leave of absence.