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Save the Date for a Methodology Symposium on Studying Care Practices
November 15 - 16, 2018
Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA), University of Alberta

Overview of event: Studying care practices requires tools and a vocabulary that allow us to empirically discover and theoretically discuss what is going on in a world enacted through persons, relations, materialities and discourses. In the talks described below, analytical attentiveness to the material accomplishments of practice is supported by theoretical resources developed through social studies of science, STS and ethnomethodology, all ways of attending to the relational networks that enact social worlds. Each of these speakers theorizes ethnographic accounts of specific enactments of (health) practices, asking what is related to what and how, in order to see how the work of care is distributed among the collectives of people, things and ideas that comprise everyday life. Public talks are scheduled for the mornings of November 15 and 16, with follow up open dialogue sessions focused on the relation between theory and method in the afternoons.

These events are open to everyone.

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Featuring Special Guests:

Paper title: How can families of persons with dementia living at home be assisted? Lessons from Iceland
Kristin Bjornsdottir
is a Professor at the Faculty of Nursing, Division of Health Sciences, University of Iceland. Her earlier work was historical and philosophical, exploring nursing practice from a critical feminist perspective. Her current research relates to the development of home care services in welfare states and the participation of relatives in assisting frail older people to live well at home.

Paper title: Making Alzheimer's disease matter: Reflections on the study of the politics and interferences of different
practices concerning AD
Ingunn Moser
is professor of sociology and of social studies of science, technology and medicine at VID Specialized University in Oslo, Norway. Her research is centred on relations between subjectivity, embodiment, materiality and different knowledge practices. These theoretical interests have been explored in empirical fields ranging from disability to care for the elderly and dementia care in particular.

Paper title: Making sense with numbers: Unraveling practices of self-quantification.
Jeannette Pols
is Socrates professor 'Social Theory, Humanism and Materialities' at the Department of Anthropology, program 'Health, Care and the Body', at the University of Amsterdam. She works as Associate Professor and Principal Investigator at the section of Medical Ethics, department of General Practice of the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam.

Paper title: Gathering and assembling practice as care: Reflecting on the study of nursing practice
Mary Ellen Purkis
holds a PhD from Edinburgh University. Over the course of her career, she has studied nursing practices, primarily within the context of home-based care. She has recently retired from her position as Professor in the School of Nursing at University of Victoria. She continues to puzzle through the relationships between language, theory and practice as these inform nursing practice.

* This event is part of Dr. Christine Ceci's CIHR funded research study 'Delaying institutionalization, sustaining families:
Case studies in care at home for people with dementia', presented as part of an end of grant research dissemination and
capacity building strategy.