The Western New Graduate Nurse Colloquium

Join nursing leaders in discussing strategies for facilitating new graduate nurses' successful transitions to the nursing workforce.

21 September 2015

starting out

What are the personal and situational factors that influence new graduate nurses' satisfaction and intentions to remain in their jobs and the profession within the first two years of practice?
How does the pattern of relationships among these factors change over time as they gain experience?

What barriers and facilitators do graduates identify as influencing successful transitions?
What supports do new graduate nurses identify as relevant to preparing themselves for the graduate roles?

To what extent are formal nursing graduate transition support programs helpful?
Are there provincial /regional differences in factors influencing nurses' job and career satisfaction/turnover intentions?

STARTING Out: Successful Transition and Retention in New Graduate Nurses is a Canada-wide research program that sought the answers to these questions. The findings are being shared in the upcoming knowledge translation workshops, and you are cordially invited to attend:

The Western STARTING Out New Graduate Nurse Colloquium
October 21, 2015
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Lunch provided
Lister Conference Centre, University of Alberta

For more details, please refer to the conference invitation; registration forms and payment (35$) are required in order to organize this workshop and accommodate participants accordingly. For late registration, please contact: Sarah Hewko (