Instruments Research

Foundational Research

Knowledge Translation Research

Regulatory/Professional Association Research

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Patient/ Staff Outcomes

Management/ Leadership

Knowledge Translation

Elder Care

Older Persons' Transitions in Care (OPTIC) Study

A Systematic Review of Interventions to Improve Daily Mouth Care for Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities

Aging grant. Facilitating spread and sustainability in long term care facilities

Home Care Case Manager Work: Understanding workload, caseloads and influencing factors and how these relate to quality of care in various home care contexts

Becoming a Coach (Pilot)

Enhancing Coaching and Leadership Competencies

Understanding Determinants of Clinical Nurses' Intentions to Remain Employed in Canadian Hospitals

Improving Nursing Home Care through Feedback On PerfoRMance Data (INFORM)

•Health care aide workforce planning

OPTIC EXACT: Examining Aged Care Transitions

OPTIC IMPACT: Improving Communications during Aged Care Transitions

Translating Research in Elder Care (TREC)

TREC 2.0 (Translating Research in Elder Care)

Safer Care for Older Persons in Residential Environments (SCOPE)

Feedback Reports for Healthcare Aides

Acute Care / Oncology

Translating Research on Pain in Children (TROPIC)

CIHR Team in Difficult Cancer Pain Problems

Telehealth Lung Clinic Triage and Follow Up Clinic

•Facilitators and Leaders Actively Mobilising Evidence

Understanding the Factors that Influence Recruitment and Retention of Oncology Nurses

Canada's Experience Translating Quality Workplace Knowledge in Cancer Settings

•Knowledge utilization and policy implementation (KUPI): An integrated CIHR funded research program

A Systematic Review of the Implementation of Best-Practice Guidelines for Oncology Pain Management

A Bibliometric Review: ESAS

Sustainability of a Multidimensional Knowledge Translation Intervention to Improve Pediatric Pain Practices and Outcomes

Utilization of Health Research in Acute Care Settings in Alberta

Healthcare work environments

The Impact of Nursing Leadership on 30-day Patient Mortality in Alberta Hospitals

•Nursing leadership and patient outcomes

The Influence of Authentic Leadership on Trust and Work Outcomes of Registered Nurses

Towards Patient-Centered Addiction Care in Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Urban Population

Nurses' Career Aspirations to Management Roles: Identifying the Next Generation of Nursing Leaders

New Graduate Nurse Retention: A National Study of Factors Influencing New Graduate Nurses' Job and Career Transition in the First Two Years of Practice

•Leadership styles and outcome patterns for the nursing workforce and work environments: A systematic review

Quality Work Environment Study (QWEST)

Formal Leaders' Responses to the New Provincial Patient-Based Funding Model: An exploration of innovations, facilitators, barriers, and outcomes in Ontario

Health Care Organization Leaders' Responses to Patient Based Funding

Leadership Development for Improved Quality of Worklife for Leaders and Healthcare Providers in the Health Care System

Review, Synthesis and Concept Analysis of Literature Examining Attributes of Organizational Context that may Impact Knowledge Translation in Healthcare