OPTIC Studies

OPTIC has also led to three other funded studies: IMPACT, EXACT and OPTIC QI. 


The OPTIC: Improving Communications during Aged Care Transitions (IMPACT) pilot tests a standardized Inter-Facility Patient Transfer form to improve communication of care information for NH residents from NHs to ED by EMS.

The OPTIC: Examining Aged Care Transitions (EXACT) study investigates decisions to transfer NH residents to EDs in order to explore the attributes of necessary and avoidable transitions.

The OPTIC: Older Persons’ Transitions in Care Quality Indicators (OPTIC QI) study is a Systematic Review to identify established Quality Indicators for the breadth of healthcare concerns vulnerable older adults experience across the series of transition settings.

The OPTIC: Anticipatory Long-term care Electronic Resident Triage (ALERT) Tool for Canadian Long-term Care Homes is a pilot study to determine the feasibility of using an adapted e-INTERACT tool to reduce potentially avoidable hospitalizations.